Friday, October 9, 2009

Home Management and Company Girl Coffee!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by to any of you Company Girls who amble over! Hunker down and grab some chamomile tea. The coffee is on hiatus from the Castle right now, I am trying to wean off of caffeine! Plus, you know, chamomile.... all comforting and soothing and stuff. With the way things have been around here lately, that is just what I need!

The kids are being typical kids, one of them acting out in school, one playing with poop and the eldest having moments of true anxiety. "Gah! Senior next year! Gah! College! Gah! Senior project! Gah! OMG! Gah!" And other teenagerly angsty type pronouncements abound here lately! LOL For more from that quarter, feel free to check out either one of The Girl's blogs. She writes over at The Delusional and at As The Plot Thickens. She also owns and moderates a writer's forum at Quill and Ink. She rocks pretty hardcore, really. Even if I do complain about the teenage crap. She just needs some time to get past all of the hormonal and horrible 15 - 21 year old horror. I'm sure you all remember that time!

I have spent my day today doing typical household chores, In between the dirty clothes, dishes and changing diapers, I have been working on setting up a Home Management Binder. I really hope that I can train myself to use it because I think it will be a real help in getting me organized. If I use it. Big if. I always have big plans and usually end up having problems with the follow through. Any of y'all use a binder/ planner to stay organized and on task? Any advice on setting it up and remembering to use it?

I have plans to try to plant some fall crops in my garden... since we stay warm here for so long, I am hoping I might get some actual veggies to grow! The garden was eaten by bugs and killed by horrendously hot weather this Summer. Right now, the only things living in there are some red and yellow peppers, some cucumber plants I planted (again) a few weeks ago and some butternut squash that I planted a few weeks ago. I have some spinach seeds and I may have some green beans up in my gardening cabinet.... I hope they produce something before we get frost here! The weather does not usually get to freezing until December, sometimes close to Christmas around here. Fingers crossed! I certainly want cooler weather, but i also want some actual food to be produced from my garden this year!!

The Girl just got home and informed me that she got a 71 on her 9 weeks test in AP US History. That means she is bringing home a C for the 9 weeks. We had told her that if she brought home a C that she would be grounded. But, she did work hard to bring her grade up from earlier in the 9 weeks. I really am not sure if I should ground her or not. Perhaps just some slight restrictions? Or maybe having her stay after for one day each week and do extra work in class. Her teacher is available every day for extra help/ extra credit work. I will have to discuss with my husband exactly how we should handle this. Her on restrictions from her laptop is basically punishing ME since I will have to listen to her complaining! LOL

Seriously, if this is the worst I have to deal with from her this year, I will be a happy camper. But don't tell her that, 'kay? (Jenna, you did not read that!)

I hope everyone has had a fabulous week and is healthy and happy. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stop by again soon!!


One More Equals Four said...

Wow, I have a teenager coming up, he is twelve in about 6 months...I dread it! We are already experiencing mind boggling hormonal surges that I totally would have expected from a girl but somehow was not prepared for with a boy!

Good luck, and I agree, if she really worked hard and did her best, I probably wouldn't ground her...but I haven't been there either!

secondofwett said...

There's nothing wrong with showing some grace as long as she keeps up the's when they slack off that it gets annoying....although some of my spec needs kids would love to get a C. :0) Have a great week! and thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I've worked with youth for several years, but I'm sure it's a different experience when they're your own. I both look forward to those years and don't. You know the reasons.

I've been working on my home mgmt binder forever, but it's impossible to complete with 2 little ones around. I have some calendars/schedules in place that I need, so it's working for now.

Good luck with the garden. We've only tomatoes and squashes over here. Last tomato count was 237, but my MIL and daughter when to pick a bagful yesterday.

Aiming4Simple said...

A fall garden sounds splendid. Unfortunately there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow here, so perhaps I can enjoy yours vicariously...

mholgate said...

Glad I have a few years left before I begin the teenage years. I'm still dealing with the "I don't like that (insert food here)" at the dinner table years!

Good luck with your home binder. I have three of them. One for my weekly menu plans, one for my daily/weekly plans, and one for my school kids. (For special notices, homework assignments, etc.)

And now, I need to go break up the breakfast fiasco happening in the dining room! :)

Have a great weekend!

JadeLD said...

Good luck with the home management binder - it's a great idea. I've got one and I do use it for meal planning most of the time. There's a lot of bits we don't really use, but it's great to have all the contact and account numbers in one place!