Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Suckage?

First, thank you to all who commented/ gave advice on my last post. I will update more as things progress with him. Wendy, I will be emailing you as soon as I get my thoughts together....

Honestly, what has happened to Halloween? I remember growing up and spending 4 -5 hours on Halloween night begging candy and scaring each other with costumes. Then staying up all night eating candy....

This year, in my town, there are designated hours for trick or treating of 4 - 6 pm. What? It's not even dark then! How silly is that! Yes, it will actually make things easier for the little ones, I will be able to get them home and in bed on time, but that's not the point! How am I going to be able to steal my month's worth of chocolate from their bags if they don't get to trick or treat enough???!!!??? Seriously. I am not sure if this is a delayed reaction to terrorism. Or if maybe it is just because we live in the Bible Belt. But whatever it is, I hate it.

This will be the first year that Jenna will not be trick or treating with us. Se is 15 now and people no longer give her candy, even if she is dressed up! So, since she has been invited to a party this year, she will be attending that and getting her costume all set while we are out trying to get candy. I'm not sure how I feel about her not being there this year.... my baby is growing up! She is going to a real high school party and will be celebrating without me. Too weird for words.

In other news, tomorrow is my third wedding anniversary! I will be writing a special little post about my hubby and the wedding later today or early tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!


Nana The Nana said...

I hope you have some fun tonight. It seems funny to have Jenna not going out with you. Have fun to all. And, Happy Anniversary to you both.

Angela said...

How rude that people don't give her candy. Teens just can't cut a break. lol

Personally, I glare at all teenagers I meet, just knowing they are out to do wrong...just kidding but people seem to think that.

I hope your kids have fun from 4-6. Not sure where you are, but it's dark here at that time and cold, oh so cold. I'm in MN, so it's pretty much always dark from fall thru spring