Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Would Totally Be A Vegetarian But I Can't Give Up Bacon

My bacon cravings are through the roof today.... the taste, the smell, the look of bacon all make my mouth water. I could eat bacon and cheese sandwiches every day and be perfectly happy. Fat and unhealthy.... but happy! (Who am I kidding? I am slightly pudgy and unhealthy anyway! Bring ont he bacon!)

For today's viewing pleasure I bring you.... the Bacon Roll! Woven bacon baked in the oven, filled with cheese, rolled up and sliced. Yes. Oh, yes.

And then.... Chocolate covered bacon. So wrong that it seems just right. Anyone ever tried this?

Of course, just bacon and pancakes is always pretty nice, too. Or just bacon. I'm not picky.....


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I was just told today that chocolate covered bacon is to die for... I like you am a bacon fanatic I LOVE it.... glad i dont have any in the house!

Synaura said...

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Libby Murphy said...

Never had it dipped in chocolate but have had it chicken fried and infused in vodka for Bloody Mary and then Bacon crip curls with celery for stirs.
Happy Twirls

Bina said...

I love me some cripsy bacon. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! But man, I eat more than one piece and it kills my stomach. I have no idea why.

Come on, chocolate covered bacon makes me want to puke!!!!!!

eden tyler said...

love this! I was just talking about what Doesn't go with bacon the other day and I thought it might not be good on chocolate ice cream.
But I see I might stand corrected. (Well, the cold might make it not so great, but I'm thinking I have to try chocolate covered bacon now!)

Love your blog, by the way.

I'm off to think of a peaceful memory =)


eden tyler said...

oh, and I'd love to be a vegetarian too (again!), but I just can't seem to give up certain things -- bacon being one of them.... ;)

Faerie Mom said...


I bet bacon crumbled on top of choc. ice cream would be kind of cool.... hehe... and taste great! Thanks for stopping by.