Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's All ABout The Attitude

Welcome to my corner of the Universe to any new visitors! The Castle is my place to be myself and kick back a little bit.

Since I have been nominated as a Hot Mama by the dads over at Hot Dads, I have been thinking quite a bit about attitude. Being "hot" has less to do with a physical "look" or a perfect body than it has to do with attitude. While I consider myself to be quite hot and really sexy, I am not perfect by any means. I carry extra weight and have flaws and features that I am not happy with. However, when a woman carries herself and acts as if she is desirable and sexy, then she is much more likely to be perceived that way by others. And that attitude and the ramifications of it can carry over into other parts of your life as well.

My friend, Chelle, has always called me her "Hot Mama" and it only seems appropriate that the rest of the world follow suit! LOL Here is my fave pic of Chelle and I together...

I am on the left and Chelle is on the right.... I am her "Hot Mama" and she is my "Sexy Lady". And whenever we went out..... everyone knew we were the shit! LMAO

As a part of embracing my "hotness", I decided it is time to change my attitudes about the hardships my family is facing right now. Rather than bitch and moan all over this blog, I need this to be a place to relax a little more and forget about the troubles. I am fighting enough depression IRL that I do not need to drag it into the internetz as well....

So, all of my regulars and any new visitors, tell me what you want to read about here at the castle! Ask me questions.... I promise to answer truthfully. There are only a few things that I will not discuss on this blog, and I would tell you why I won't answer a question if it hits that spot. And I am more of a NC-17 blog than Rated R or X... but only because my daughter reads me regularly. And so does my Mom! So, I will not give detailed info regarding me sex life. Unfortunately. hehe

For any of you who have not visited Hot Dads, you really should pop over. It is always interesting for women to read about things from a man's viewpoint. I love reading their posts and think you will too!


Bina said...

I'll go check them out now, cause I'm always looking for new reads!

Okay, how about a really fascinating, interesting, or scary story from your child hood? Or even funny. I love child hood stories!

TentCamper said...

Welcome Hot Mama!!!!!!!!

It's all in the Attitude!!!!!!

I'd like to hear about the place from your past/a time when you were at complete peace and the happiest that you can remember...we all have that one memory...what is yours?

Lesley said...

Word Hot Mama!

I also don't fit the typical sex kitten image BUT that doesn't stop me from taking strip tease classes with my besties and giving it all I've got :o)

I think sexiness is an attitude!

Must go check out Hot Dads ;o)

Wendy Sparrow said...

I came over from your daughter's blog--I was impressed how mature and intelligent she is for her age. (I kept thinking that it must be a joke that she was that young.) If you ever feel a little down on self-esteem, I'd recommend you consider that you've raised a pretty amazing daughter and that says something about both of you.

Natalie Murphy said...

Way to go! What a wonderful attitude to have, and I'm sure it's an inspiration to Jenna!

I'd like to see some of the happy/funny things from your family! You have a big one and I'm sure funny things happen all the time! It might also help you with some of the less than happy things going on =]