Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Thanks for the words of inspiration guys! Keep em comin... I will post as I write anything. Today has been a fairly low creativity day. I did LOTS of laundry and dishes and colored with The Boy and lots of other pretty boring stuff for the most part!

Friends of ours just moved back to town yesterday and I went by to visit and make sure they were settling in OK. It was weird to see them again. It has been..... 19 months or so since we saw either one of them. Their kids are HUGE now and they have another little one who is cute as a button. (I snuggled with her for a while. My Baby hated it! Jealous) It was weird for me as I think I had gotten my expectations up. I was excited to have them back as I have missed having someone around who "gets" me. I have met very few people in this area who I could envision myself being real friends with. So... here I am hoping that with A moving back I can have a good buddy again.

Well. I don't know what I expected, the poor girl is trying to unpack, supervise three kids and get set to start her job this week. I guess I just wanted to know that she missed me? Or that she was excited to see me? Who knows. I am just feeling a little let down and I know it is silly. It is not her, just that I tend to build my expectations and want things to be a certain way and when they don't turn out the way I expect... then I feel let down. I have always been that way. You would think I would know better.

Hopefully, when things calm down, I will be able to be friends with this girl again. I hope so... our husbands are in a band together! LOL

I am feeling better physically than I have in a while. My doctor started me on a new medication for the HBP. It seems to be working OK so far. I feel better anyway! Maybe I will try to start working out again. I know I would feel better about myself if I could lose some weight. I hate not feeling comfortable in my own body. And I hate not feeling as sexy as I know I am/ can be. It is hard to look at myself and see what I look like now. In my mind, I still see myself the way I was at 18 - 19. How crazy.... I reread Stranger in a Strange Land last night with the intent to remind myself that all of us are beautiful. I just need to remind myself of that daily, lately.

The Wingmen Of Mayhem have been fairly calm the last few days. Except for at bedtime for the middlest child. He is still giving me fits. Deep breaths.... I love my child...... But, I have instituted "play time with Mommy" every day when The Baby is napping. And we have been coloring and playing and it has been nice. He really seems to dig having a specific time just for us. I think that we will paint a picture tomorrow. I promise to take pics of him covered in paint if we do.

Oh. Also? My "A" key is sticking. So is my "R" key. I blame Hallie. Her post yesterday made me spew soda all over my keyboard. Ewwwwww......

That's it. I got nothin' else. I'm done. For now. Maybe.


Unka Paul said...

So Manda n' Paul finaly moved back! Good, Tell em' I said hi and hope the band starts goin' again real soon. I know the both need to start playin'. Give the WOM a "shakey" hug for me. And you'll be inspired by something soon... A cloud or a sound. My muse to you is Bubbles. how bout that for originality?!
Love ya bunches

Jessica said...

Hang in there. I feel certain that when things calm down for her and the get back into a normal groove you guys will be friends again.