Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teen Angst and Craptastic Cookery

My poor darling Jenna is having a rough day. She is a Junior this year, extremely smart and used to generally having an easy time in school. This year she has a rough schedule and her AP US History class is kicking her butt. It's only the third day, though! I know she will be fine, she is just exhausted and scared because she failed the first test. I think she did fine considering. Now she just has to kick a little ass and make up the extra points to get her grade where she wants it!

YOU CAN DO IT!! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU! (she reads my blog....)

Tell her she can do it. She is smart. She will listen to bloggy land peeps.

My dinner was craptastic. Every time I try to make chicken and rice in the slow cooker it bites me in the ass. Never again. It was edible. Barely.

For now, I am pulling a Scarlet and headin on out of here. For tommorah is anothah day!


Bina said...

Okay Jenna, I freaking HATE history and all that crap. In college, it was the ONLY class I ever got bad grades in and I had to work my ass off on extra credit reports just to get a B.

But you CAN do it! Study, ask questions, and ask if there is anything you can do for extra credit.

Yea, I freking HATE history!!!! LOL

Laura ~Peach~ said...

how do you make your chicken and rice??? mine is always to die for... i so love the crock pot...
YOU CAN DO IT JENNA!!!! i so wish martha would put just a bit of effort into her grades...
hugs Laura