Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fiving It Up!

Kayren at Everything's Coming Up Daisies recently had a post about fives. At the end, she offered to let any of her readers participate so,.... here is how it works!

Kayren gave me five particular words to blog about. The words were picked specifically for me after viewing my profile and blog. Cool, huh? Now I have to write about each one. If you want a chance to Five It Up, comment and ask for your words and I will pick some out for you! So, here are my special words!

Thrifty - I like the word thrifty... I like it better than frugal. Frugal sounds like a weird old guy who washes his zippie bags out and reuses his coffee grounds. Not that there is anything wrong with that. If that's what you do. heh. Thrifty brings to mind Moms and homemade cookies and Halloween costumes made out of recycled aluminum cans. And stuff. I like to be thrifty. Thrifty is like creative license to scrounge and scrimp. And it is respected in today's world! My Mother was thrifty before it was cool..... so was my Grandmother..... and her Mom. I think being thrifty is a great way to honor the women who have come before me and scrimped and saved to make my life a little bit better.

Cooking -
Honestly? I really do not enjoy cooking all that much. I WANT to enjoy it. I love the end results and the feeling of actually feeding my family a healthy and nourishing meal. But I really dislike the process and the time it takes me. That's why I have been exploring Once A Month Cooking and crockpotting more recently. If I had all the money in the world I would probably never cook again. No, actually. I like being thrifty too much! I love finding new recipes and making great food, but I hate having to slave over a stove for so long. I need instant gratification, dammit!

Boys -
Boys are sticky, sweet, gritty, dirty, simple and uncomplicated love. They are frogs and trains and mud and bugs and all of the icky things that they can find to show me. They are sticky kisses and snuggle time. They are frustrating, stubborn and pig headed. They are too smart for mommy and full of big plans and imagination stations. Boys are fun. Boys spit. Boys think poop is interesting. Boys think their mom is the prettiest, smartest, funniest woman in the world. Boys think their mom is Wonder Woman. Boys keep you busy all day long. Boys can get into trouble faster than you think. Boys should never be left alone in a room. Even if it is empty. They will find something to get into! I love my boys and would not know what to do without them. Even when they make me crazy! I want another boy......

Space -
hmmm...... space. I need some. I need some time and space for myself. A place and a time to think my thoughts without the interruptions and questions and constant touching. Of course, if I got that space I would probably go crazy wondering what was going on without me!

Goat -
My Aunt and Uncle had goats when I was a kid. I remember learning to milk a goat when I was about 5 years old. That was soooo cool. Goats eat things. Like a garbage disposal. I would love to have a goat. But, I could never eat goat. The word goat makes me think the meat would taste pretty rank. But I don't know, lots of people in the world eat goat. My kids "get my goat" on a regular basis. And goats rhyme with moats


Want your five words? Let me know!


Ang said...

This sounds like fun!! I would like 5 words please?

Jenna said...

Awesome, mama! I want five words, please! :D

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Well, that was fun to read! I am so glad I picked thrifty instead of frugal. That was actually a conscious choice on my part.

Funny, when I picked space, I was thinking space in the sense of how you have a space-themed Christmas tree, so outer space, not needing space, but since it had to be a single word for each one I couldn't use the adjective, so it's fun to see how you went with that one!

You do realize where I got goat, right? :)