Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boring Post.... Yawn

OMG! The coconut chicken from last night's dinner was to die for... I am putting that recipe in regular rotation. Luckily, I made extra so I have it for leftovers for lunch the next few days. When I made it, I cut each breast fillet in half lengthwise to make tenders so I had three tenders leftover. I ended up having one for lunch today and it was just as good reheated! One of my standing lunch choices around here is Green Giant Healthy Weight steamed veggies. The pack includes sliced carrots, sugar snap peas, black beans and edamame in a butter sauce. They only cost about 98 cents eacg so I stock up when I go shopping. I throw a little sezuan seasoning on and it makes a great lunch. Today, I ate half a pack with my tender and it was just right. So, Tomorrow I can have the same thing! Cheap, tasty and healthy. That works for me!

I am having a tough time right now as I am having horrible back pain. My lower back, right where my spine meets my hips I guess, my right hip and, now, my right leg are killing me! ANd it doesn't help that the boys are so needy lately. Picking either one up makes me wince. And finding a comfortable sleeping position sucks! If it does not start feeling better soon I am going to HAVE to go to the doctor. Yuck.

However, the back pain is really putting a crimp in my exercise plans! I am eating healthy and drinking lots of water but if I can't exercise enough, my weight loss goals will go down the toilet. So, I am trying to do at least a little exercise each day so that I am moving anyway. When I start to hurt worse I am just stopping. I will not injure myself just to lose weight! But, I bet if I lose weight the pain will be lessened. I have a feeling it is my arthritis acting up. **sigh**

Anyone know of an easy and foolproof pickle recipe with idiot proof directions? My garden has actually produced cucumbers! Lots of them. Now, I need to do something with them because there are too many to eat! I have never made pickles before but the boys love them so.....

It's an overcast and heavy day here in Southern Mississippi today. It feels like a giant pressing down on me.... I hope it rains soon because the waiting is driving me nuts.

I'll check back in later and maybe I will have something interesting to post! LOL


Bina said...

Well, I don't make "pickles" but I do slice cucumbers, along with onions, pour vinegar and water over them, (I use 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water) put salt and pepper in, let soak over night and it is SO good!

But that's all I know!

I need to eat better. It's just so frekaing hard for me. I ONLY want stuff that is bad for me and it feels like I can't stop. I always think "maybe tomorrow".

Bina said...

BTW, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your new template! It is awesome!

UNKA PAUL said...


Lisa said...

I am going to have to make that coconut chicken! (but when hub is not here - he hates coconut:(

Do you think the back pain, leg pain etc. might be your sciatic nerve? It sounds like what was going on with me. I spent a fortune at the chiropractor the first time it started up. It was sooo bad!! Every now and then I can feel it flare up and I'll do some yoga to clear it up. Yoga is free:) If you go on itunes podcasts and look up yogamazing, the guy has a podcast just for sciatica. I hope this helps but it may not even be your nerve. It's maybe wrth a try if you go to the chiro and that's what it turns out to be.

I'm with ya on the losing weight thing. It's crazy hard to lose but sooo easy to creep up. I started walking again this week - I have got to do something!!

Faerie Mom said...

Lisa, I DO thin it is probably my sciatica! Its not as bad today as it was the other day but I am in the process of learning yoga so I will check out that podcast. Thanks for the tip!