Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweeping Away the Dust

Hello, all! This is Jenna, Tracy's awesome (and oh-so-modest) daughter from over at The Delusional and As the Plot Thickens!

My mother, in an attempt to get back in the blogging game and get things moving again, merged her two blogs and had me assist her in a complete blog makeover. I (again, being oh-so-modest) kicked some serious butt and made this blog completely and utterly AWESOME.

I made the banner. Go look at it. Awesome, innit? Beautiful, innit?

*Takes a bow.*

Seriously. Love the banner. I spent a long time on that.

Also, if you want me to make you a banner, you can email me at the address listed on my profile. 'Cuz I love making banners. :D

Anyway, construction at the Castle has finished, and we're now sweeping away the dust. We appreciate any feedback, and I especially would appreciate any "ohmygod, it's so awesome!" comments. Lol. :D

My mom should be posting later today, so keep an eye out! And, followers, she'll be trying to post as often as possible, so keep an eye out for more awesome posts throughout the week! :D

This is Jenna, signing off.


Lisa said...

Very cool! Great job on the banner!

Lesley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner! It's awesome - I'm sure your mom will love it.
I have a ton of blogs and thought about merging them but it looks like a lot of work...maybe in the winter when I'm inside more.