Thursday, July 23, 2009


I sometimes wonder why I am still blogging. I tend to be bad about remembering to post, I lost my sense of humor about 2 years ago and my inspirational posts run more to "thank goodness the boys are asleep" more than anything. But, I do enjoy writing about my time as a SAHM. It won't be many more years and my littles will be grown and gone to school. Then I might need a reminder as to why I am using birth control. LOL

My middle child, Braeden, is about to turn 4. He should be starting preschool and learning social skills and getting ready for big boy school. However, since we are so darn poor, we cannot afford to pay for preschool. The Headstart program has turned us down because we make too muchj money. Yeah, right! Even though he has a disability, we are over income so he was denied. I called to appeal the decision and raise some hell. The director assured me that he was placed on the top of the list of children who are over income and that if a place opened up he would get in. I have a problem with this whole situation. It seems to me that a child with a disability whose parents receive food stamps and medicaid should be able to get into a subsidised preschool program. Maybe even have preference over a child who has no disability, whose family is poor but who has other children around and is able to get the social skills they need. My son has no idea how to interact with other children! Whatever. If he does not get in, I will try to homeschool him this year and plan to try to set up soem playdates with other kids if I can find any his age that are not in preschool!

I am just frustrated.

On another note, I am really interested in reading the book The Time Traveler's Wife. ANyone have a spar copy they want to send me? LOL I may end up at the library soon.

I am turning 35 this year. In about a month. Not looking forward to that. I think I may have to officially become an adult then!

That's it for today. I am trying to clean and cook today. My DD, Jenna, is coming home from Florida tommorow! Finally! She has been gone all summer and I miss her soooooo much. My Mom and MIL are coming to visit for the next week and my nephew as well. So, I need to get busy!



Anonymous said...

Remember baby, blogging is about expressing yourself in whatever, however way you want to/can. Sometimes it's deeper, darker thoughts, other days it's brightness, light and others it's just mundane, but each and every word is yours and makes you who you are and those who read you will love it all. :)


Bina said...

You post what you want when you want, and that's all there is to blogging. I feel my life is boring and people could give a flying crap what I write, but I do have readers.

That SUCKS about your son. Pre-school is so darn good for kids. I sincerely hope that they get him in there, and surely to God someone can help somewhere if he has a disability. Just keep looking.

Have fun with DD and MIL!!!

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

HEY! no CRAZY talk about GROWING UP around here! I'm like WAY older and and I'm not gonna do it yet!

The boys will come along in their own time - they just need to move at their own pace. Just love them - and that is 'free'. Well also don't quit ranting at people when they need help - we are our children's best advocates and no one else will do it for them but us!

Carry on!