Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baking Update

As usual, chaos reigns in my home. I never get the things accomplished that I plan to! But, I have gotten some baking done. So far, I have made a double batch of waffles (dinner one night plus some for freezer), a double batch of sweet potato muffins, a double batch of pear muffins and a double batch of peanut butter, banana and chocolate chip muffins. Not all on my list but yummy just the same! Tomorrow is more waffles and muffins and lots of cleaning and laundry!

I actually took 2 dozen sweet potato muffins to a friend earlier. She had told me she was craving sweet potato desserts. She owns a store down the road from me and is a sweetheart. SO, I took the muffins in to her and she was so excited! And you know what? She gave me two giant 16 count packs of hamburger buns for free. So, I will freeze them and have them for some time to come. It is always nice to get unexpected freebies. It just makes the world a little brighter for me.

My DD (15 yo) is coming home finally. She has been away all summer and I sure do miss her! So, since my mom and my MIL are coming to visit when they bring her home, I will be trying to put my house in order before they get here. At least somewhat! LOL

My menu planning is getting there. I know what I am cooking, I went shopping, but I do not have it written down yet. May post that soon.

There are some great deals on school supplies right now, I may have to make a run to the store soon. The teen will need bunches of stuff this year and the boys could use some crayons and paper.

I have added a Swagbucks widget to my sidebar. Anyone who is interested in earning points and trading them in for cool gift cards and prizes, check out Swagbucks! If you enter by using my widget with me as a referral, I get bonus points! So, click and check it out! Please! LOL

More tomorrow!

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