Thursday, July 16, 2009

Potty Time!

Potty training trials and tribulations continue! Braeden (almost 4) knows how to use the potty, is capable of holding it until he gets there, knows when he needs to go and is big enough to get on the toilet or the potty chair without help. He chooses not to cooperate. He will poop or pee in his underwear or pullups or on the floor and make no effort to get to the toilet or potty. Why? WHY??????

We recently decided bribery is the way to go. He has a basket full of cheap matchbox cars and plastic dinosaurs for each time he goes peepee in the potty. And he has a special dino toy for the first time he poops in the potty and a giant dino for when he goes a whole week without accidents. So far today, we have been working this for about 2 hours. He has peed in the potty twice and gotten a car each time. And had a melt down the first time because he wanted all of the toys! Keep your fingers crossed that this works. After a few days of him peeing each time in the potty I will switch it up and only give him a toy every 3rd time.

Malachai (2) wants to use the potty. He loves it. But, he still does not have it down very good. He starts to pee and does not got o the potty. So, we are taking it slow with him. I think once he sees his brother doing it it will all come together for him as well.

I hope to hell I am diaper free before October. That is my goal. Although I have a feeling nights will still need a diaper or pullup for a while to come. They both sleep really hard once they go down.

Any suggestions to help with this time of terror???


Anonymous said...

I am amused by your post. I have 3 fur children, the two Brittanys are 3 and 6. Seth, my youngest was a s-l-o-w learner. I must have spent $3000 on new rugs--all in the dining room only...Yep. But one day, one fine day it was over. No more tinkles. And he is one smart canine. Patience, perservence, and patience.

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

(secretly take back the toys when he forgets about them - he can only hold like four at a time right? counting skills aren't quite perfected either perhaps? then the supply of toys becomes unlimited and you need not stop the supply... until he figures out your doing it of course!) keep it together girl! you can do it!

Bina said...

I know people who used Gummy Bears, toys, snacks, etc. Stickers worked for Ariana. Every time she went, she got to pick out a sticker to put on her board that was on the bathroom wall. When she filled one page up, she got a "surprise" which was maybe new crayons, coloring book, something like that. You just have to be ingenious with it and it sounds like you found something!