Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baking Week

I have made my list of items that I will be baking and freezing this week. As of right now it consists of:

So, as of right now, I still need to pick up a few things at the grocery store. Then, over the next week I plan on baking, frying, packaging and freezing enough snacks and breakfasts to get us through the next month or so.

In addition to all of this, I really need to make some pizzas to put in the freezer for the boys. They love cheese pizza for lunch but I hate buying it! If I get a chance, I can make up some small homemade pizzas and freeze them as well.

I am so glad we have a giant freezer!

I am still in process on my month's menu planning. My money is just not stretching to cover everything I need for what I want to cook. So, I need to make some changes and go shopping still. I will post the basics of the menu once I have it finished! Although, in advance I can say that I found a great deal on boneless pork loin. I got one big enough that I have it portioned out for 6 full meals and it cost me only $15 for the whole piece of meat. I like that. That means the meat portion of 6 different meals works out to be only $2.50! It's nice when I can make it work liek that for something I love like good thick pork chops!

Until next time.....


graceunderautism said...

sounds like a good plan.
As for the pizzas, you could try going to one of the discount bread stores and buy bagels, flat bread or english muffins and let the boys help make pizzas. These are easy to make and microwave fresh or bake in 10 minutes.

Do you shop at the meat store in town? I miss that place, used to get such good deals.
There is also a butcher shop there that offers meat specials.

graceunderautism said...

I had a light bulb this morning and remembered that the "meat store" is in MA not MS. LOL my brain has mixed up my 6 moves in 10 years and jumbled them all together.

But the butcher shop is the right one at least.

Faerie Mom said...

LOL @ Kara I know where the Butcher shop is but was wondering about the other!