Friday, March 21, 2008

Letter to My Baby

Happy Birthday to my littlest Wingman of Mayhem. When I found out I was pregnant with you I was terrified. Not of giving birth. But of trying to raise three children at once. The last two only 19 months apart! It was a rough pregnancy all around. I spent some time on bed rest, had high blood pressure and strained a ligament in my abdomen during an emergency room situation with your older brother. I had bronchitis and it hurt so bad to cough! I thought I was going to go into labor early with you.... I ended up having to be induced because of the complications of the pregnancy. I went into the hospital at 5 am. They actually induced me around 8 am (I think). The labor was not too bad. The delivery was fast and furious! You were delivered at 5:03 PM CST on March 21, 2007. My Spring baby! Your Daddy cut the cord. And he was not happy about doing it! He asked the doctor if it wasn't his job to do surgery! LOL

You were a bit of a handful at first. You had reflux and spit up a lot. You didn't scream constantly like your brother did, though!

Over the past year you have made my life so special. You have been the sweetness that I needed to make me appreciate the hard times. And your eyes smiling into mine have made my heart melt every day!

I would write more, my love, but I cannot even express what you mean to me. And right now.... you are trying to eat your brothers foot. So, I must go rescue the elder boy and get the two of you ready for bed. Kisses and hugs and big smooshy loving...


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We are THAT family said...

That was beautiful! Happy Bday to your baby! My third pregnancy sounded similar to yours!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday wishes to Mal... That was awesome honey!! I loved the last couple of pics!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Birthday Mister Mal you are ADORABLE!
love the video show mom :-) lovely tribute to your baby!
Hugs Laura

Bina said...

Happy Birthday!

I LOVE the picture show! My two favorite are the one of him crying beside his brother sitting on the kids couch, and the one of him sleeping in his high chair. And I LOVE how the little ones always follow their bigger brothers around. He was right there with his big brother in so many of those pictures, and trying to do whatever it was his brother was doing!

LOVE it!

Annie said...

Love the video slide, sorry I'm so late on wishing him a Happy Birthday!

And, btw... did I see YOU in a silky shortie nightie with a robe on, holding him a few pics from the end?

You go girl.

Jessica said...

How sweet. I was all...Awwww then cracked up at the end.