Sunday, March 16, 2008

Helping Lotus...


I know.... you are wondering what this is. One of the bloggers that I stalk...erm.... read daily has got a problem. A big, moldy problem. Go here and read about it. I'll wait. Are you still here? Go now! I will be here when you get back! Promise!

Ok. Now that you know what is going on with her, you know she needs some help getting her son OUT.OF.THAT.HOUSE!!!! If you would like to help, go here or here. Or, check out Lotus' site for a way to donate through paypal. There is also an update on the situation there.

The reason that I am supporting this and blogging about it and will be donating to the Move Lotus and Braden fund is that.... I've been there. In a bad situation. ANd I wish that I had had friends to help me out. My family worked wonders and we got out of a bad situation. One day I will post about our situation in more depth than I have in the past. But for now, we can all help! It's karma baby. If you can spare some change or help in any way, I know Lotus would be grateful! And so would I...

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