Sunday, March 9, 2008

Here is The Boy after a long day of playing pretend. Boy was he worn out.
Here I introduce you to the "tiger" family. Yes, I realize that half of the family is tigers and half is lions. But to The Boy they are just "kitties". In order from left to right we have "Daddy" "Mommy" "Sissy" "Boy" and "Baby" Tiger. For some reason, the daddy and the sissy tigers roar much louder than the others....

The Boy tiger was chasing the daddy tiger and biting his tail. Mommy tiger looks on and shakes her head. The Boy makes great sound effects as he is pretending this scene. Lots of roars and babbles and some whispers thrown in.

And then The Boy makes the Daddy tiger kiss the boy tiger. And they chase each other some more. He did this with the boy tiger and each of the other tigers. Lots of kissy face sound effects and roaring. And some babbling that almost sounded like I'm sorrys and I love yous. But not really clear.

Here, the mommy tiger and the sissy tiger are roaring at each other. The sissy tiger has a big mouth, don't you think?

Here, the daddy tiger and the baby tiger have fallen asleep together.....

And here.... the Daddy and the Baby have fallen asleep together. How sweet. The Boy and The Baby had a long day of playing today. And The Daddy had a long day of work and then play. He is worn out too!

It's been a long day for all of us. ANd I have nothing, yo. No thoughts to share tonight. Thanks to all of ya'll for the comments on yesterday's post. I just wanted everyone to really think about your friendships. And cherish the friends you have. I love all of ya'll! You rock!


Jessica said...


cute pics

Nana The Nana said...

I just love the pictures! Thanks for sharring the story too.. It is the little things in life that you will always remember.

The Not So Simple Things In Life said...

Love your pictures :-)! Glad I got a chance to see some photos as I am new to your blog! I love watching our children "pretend play", I should capture those moments...I would then have alot of silly things to blog about!

Thanks for sharing!

Pioneering in PA said...

I never have a camera in hand when my little guy is playing pretend. What a coincidence, huh?