Saturday, March 29, 2008

Guest Blogger in da House

Why, hello, devoted readers of my Mama's blog! This is Faerie Mom's daughter over at the Delusional (which is a rockin' blog, check it out!), and I'm here to tell you hey.

My Grandma and my Nana just left to go back home to Florida. They were up here for the week. It was fun, and I can't wait to see them again. But I've gotta wait 'till June...ah well.

Mama's working on a long post, so if you don't see her for a while, that's why. I think it's a meme thing...which, of course, means that she'll tag me and I'll have to do it. Looking forward to that.

ANYways....I dunno what much else to say! I have to save all the good stuff for my OWN bloggy-doo. So go check it out, peoples!

Okay, so Mama's planning a garden. She has a question:
What is your favorite vegetable to grow in a garden or eat from a garden?

This is Jen from the Delusional signing off.


Connie Carpenter Macko said...

We grew green peppers last year and they were awesome!

Chelle said...

Tomatoes are the best when grown at home! They taste like, well, a tomato should taste! There are soooo many varieties to choose from. They take a little extra care.... don't forget the sevindust (it comes in a spray now) for those ucky horned worms! Besides I'm sure Steven would love fresh tomatoes to cook with.

Laura ~Peach~ said...


Jessica said...

I love so many. I would probably say purple hull peas.

Nana The Nana said...

Whatever grows and does not have bugs eating it all! I always loved the tomatoes. Also the potatoes and cukes...