Monday, February 4, 2008

Winning and Shopping

So... some of you may remember that back in December I was the lucky winner of a gift certificate over at thismomknows for $25 of merchandise from duck duck goose boutique. If you have never been to their site you should really check it out. They have some great things for kids. I was going to get these really cool shoes for the baby:

But, his feet have grown so much lately that I don't think they would fit him... sniff sniff.

SO, instead, I got this:

This is incredibly cool, it plays music and says the letters as they are placed in the right spots. Basically, I am saving it for his first bday in March. ANd any of my fab relatives who read this blog and want to go shopping on the duck duck goose site? Feel free. There are some really cool things on there that the baby (mommy) would love to have!

In addition to this fabulous shopping spree, I have won two (2!) of the bloggy giveaways! I am so excited!

I won a pair of earrings from Melissa at Ladybugs and the Red Thread which I am very excited about. I will probably give these to the girl. I can't really wear earrings a lot right now. You know. The whole baby pulling them out of my ears thing! I don't know... I may keep them for date nights!

AND, I won some Lindt chocolates and a SURPRISE from Christine over at Good Company!

Jewelry and chocolate. Just in time for V-Day! Now, I just need flowers.....

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JessicaB said...

Congrats on the wins. You totally deserve it.