Monday, February 18, 2008

Fourteen Fantastic Years Filled With Fabulous Fun, The Wingmen of Mayhem, The Flu.... and me!

Ahhhh...... yesterday was The Girl's fourteenth bday. I was going to do the traditional "letter" to her and talk all about her birth and her growin' up years... but she is a teenager. And don't embarass me! Yeah. So I would totally not dream of ever metioning how I gained 75 pounds when I was pregnant with her. Or how she was a week late. And how I was in labor for like 14 hours with her. And how she was almost ELEVEN POUNDS when she was born. (yes. ow) ANd I would DEFINATELY not mention how I had never changed a diaper before and so her very first diaper was changed in the hospital by a complete stranger who happened to be visiting with my aunt. And never, ever would I mention that her going home outfit was sized 3 - 6 months..... I would never, ever do that. Not in a million years.

Seriously, folks. My girl? She is a rockin' kid. She has her moments (days) where all I want to do is strangle her. But, over all, she is a great kid. A good friend. A fabulous big sister. And an amazing person. Happy late bday kiddo. I love you! And, oh, I would never embarass you like this in front of any of your friends. I swear.


Have any of you ever seen that movie Ice Age: The Meltdown? The one where there are the little possums? There is this scene in there where one of the possums gets hurt and the other is crying and he says "who will be my wingman of mayhem?".... LOL... LMAO... this is my boys! They are Wingmen of Mayhem! I am totally getting them shirts. I don't know how many times I have watched this movie. And every single time... that scene makes me belly laugh. If you ahven't seen it, you should.

SO, the youngest wingman is under the weather. I ended up taking him to the afterhours clinic this evening. He had a temp of 104.8. I freaked out. He has been running a high temp all weekend but nothing like this. I rushed him to the clinic and by the time he saw the doctor the ibuprofin I gave him had kicked in and his temp broke. Talk about sweating buckets. (Him AND me!). I was sure he was going to have a seizure from the high temp on the way to the drs office. If I had not already called them and planned to go tonight I would have just been headed tot he ER with that high of a temp. Scared me. ANyway, they think he has the flu. They took a swab of his nose and will call with the results tomorrow. I sure hope it is not the flu. I cannot afford to have all of us down sick. But, if it is not the flu then it is a viral infection of some kind. ANd we will probably all end up with it anyway. sigh

THIS IS MY 100th POST! Yay me! I have to think about it but i may decide to have a contest/ give away in honor of this event. Check back tomorrow for more information!


Anonymous said...

awww I hope the wingman feels better soon. (That cracks me up because in the Airforce they have "wingman days" which usually include some sort of "fun run" where you can't leave your wingman behind.)
I have seen the movie but never really paid attention to that line. It totally describes the J brothers with accute accuracy!

Anonymous said...

I hope little one is on the mend, and the others don't come down with it. You guys either. Contrats on the 100. Quite a commitment on your part, I know you enjoy it though. Love and kisses to all. Mom

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Have a contest!! Yeah for 100 posts!

I love Ice Age with the oppossums. Too funny.

I'm off to find those lozenges you recommended. I need something fast!


Momma Bum said...

Happy B-Day. Hope you had a great one.

All the sickness is too much. I hope he gets well soon. We stayed holed up in the house all weekend. Between me and the kids we went through 1.5+ boxes of "tittyshoes". If we had had a visitor I would have greated them at the door with no makeup, a rudolph nose, and a t-shirt covered with baby snot. Snot or not they still have to give you love.

InTheFastLane said...

Happy Birthday and happy 100th post. Hope your little one is better soon. My kid's like to run high fevers, and one likes to have seizures with them. What fun!

Pioneering in PA said...

I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the skkkyyy... thwap!

LOVE that movie. Hope that your wingman of mayhem feels much better soon.

Congrats on the 100th post. I thought of doing the 100 things meme when I hit it, but I'm not so sure that there are 100 things left to divulge about me.

Hey Hey what's that sound... all the mammoths are in the ground...... Ciao!