Sunday, February 3, 2008

First of all, Infinity Goods has contacted me and will be getting her set of fabulous jewelry sometime this week. Hopefully, she will let us know what she thinks of it!

Now, on to the meat of the post... duh duh duh.. LOL. The stupid mouse in my house has stolen another glue trap. Kara suggested on my last post regarding the thieving mouse that I use poison but I am too too paranoid about the boys getting into it. Even if I put it in an out of the way place I am scared that the mouse will drag the poison out where the boys can get it. And both of them still stick stuff in their mouths. So... no poison. The glue traps are obviously NOT WORKING. And I don't think regular spring traps are a good idea, either. The boy gets up in the middle of the night and wanders sometimes. I would hate for him to get ahold of one. And the spot where I am seeing the silly mouse is right in the middle of my liviing room. It is by my fireplace. And so, I would nbeed to put the traps near there. So, no. I am running out of ideas. I might just have to call a professional in.

The weird thing is that I have seen no signs of the mice in my kitchen. No droppings. No chewed up food wrappers. I have a bunch of those ultrasonic pest things plugged in around the kitchen area so maybe that is helping. And we did not see the mice until winter. Maybe they will go away when it gets warm? Yuck.

On a brighter note, the baby has almost cut through his top teeth. He has been teething on these things for MONTHS. And making my life hell. He actually has six teeth up top that he is working on. But only two look like they are cutting through soon. I am hoping for tomorrow!

He has also decided to not nurse during the day any more. At all. Unless he is going to bed. He turns his head away from my nipple and cries. Kinda hurts my feelings. I think he is ready to wean. (Obviously) Maybe I can just keep the bedtime nursing for a bit. He does still want that. My baby is growing up! sniff sniff

The girl will be turning 14 in 2 weeks. That really makes me feel old.

Darling Hubby has injured himself. He has a WOUND on his foot! Yuck. So, I get to play doctor in a not so pleasant way with him. LOL

I had a yard sale yesterday. And made $200. Yay, me! I still have lots of junk to get rid of though. Now I have to decide whether I should hold onto it for a month and have another sale or just get rid of it (freecycle, etc). I do still have 2 rooms to sort through as I am continuing the unending chore of trying to organize my house. So I will probably end up with much more for the sale. If I decide to have another one. I probably will. If I could get DH to part with some of his carefully hoarded junk it would be nice.... The Girl finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and went through much of her stuff. I am so tired of being surrounded by things that we do not need or ever use. It is ridiculous! Clutter, clutter, clutter!

And, the spell check is not working on this thing. So, please forgive any misspellings. I think I at least spelled tomorrow right anyway!


Anonymous said...

Glad she finally is willing to get rid of some things. Did any of her stuff sell? Watch out or it will migrate back into the house! Hope the little one finally cuts those teeth. Have a good day I will talk to you

JessicaB said...

Congrats Infinity Goods. Congrats on the garage sale too.

Christine said...

Hi there! Guess what - you won the Lindt chocolates over at my blog - I'll be e-mailing you in the near future to see what you'd like your surprize to be. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for the yard sale... that's Awesome! I think you should wait and have another since you still have stuff to go through... who knows, you may make another couple hundred! Don't be too heart broken over the baby wanting to be weaned... i'm sure it will be a blessing once those teeth do decide to pop through. Loves ya!