Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Giveaway!

My ab fab daughter, Jen, over at The Delusional is having a giveaway! Yes, she has now reached 100 posts herself and is a copycat! LOL Seriously, though, she is giving away a set of customized jewelry to someone over there. So go check it out! Comment and try to win!

On another note, I have joined Curves. Yay me! I went for my first full workout today and it really made me sweat! I was shocked! Watching the other ladies do the workout, it does not look very hard. But once you are actually doing it..... it's a good workout. I have set myself a goal of losing 15 pounds before we go to FL to visit. That gives me 3 months. Seems like a pretty reasonable amount! HOPEFULLY I will lose more than that. But if it is only 15 I will be satisfied. For now! LOL

And, on a completely different note, The Boy went to the doctors today for a weight check. There is a good reason for this. He has not gained any weight over the past year. He has grown about..... 8 inches. But not put on any weight. Which means you can count his ribs!!! Last time we were in they checked his iron levels and did a blood test to check on his thyroid. All was well. The doctor had us come back in two months to check again. No change. Sooooooo.... long story short, he has been prescribed Periactin to stimulate his appetite. The doctor is also hoping this will have the side effect of helping him to sleep better. Which I am hoping has the side effect of making him less cranky and combative with me.

I am really very nervous about giving him this med. I hate hate hate the idea of him having to take something every day. BUT, after a year of his refusal to eat, well, anything much at all, I am ready for a change. Do any of you have any experience with this medication? Any thoughts on medicating a child for this? I haven't started the meds yet. He is supposed to get them at night and in the morning. I am planning to wait for the first dose for tomorrow AM. That way I have some time to see if he has a weird reaction.

Ok, gotta go now.... I'll catch y'all later!


Anonymous said...

I got my comment in on Jenna's bloggy giveaway!
As for the boy, let him have cake for breakfast....LOL That would get some weight on him. Miss you!! ::HUGS::

Pioneering in PA said...

Did you know that when I wasn't gaining weight quick enough during a pregnancy (yeah, that's a rare one, huh?) that they told me the one thing you can eat that will surely pack on the pounds, is cheese and crackers. And boy, did it work. It wasn't hard to get down either, especially when I wasn't hungry, because it was more like snacking. Could be something to look towards just to keep him going if you decide to ditch the meds.. or used in combination with them.
Never heard of the prescription though, good luck!

Asthmagirl said...

I hope it works well. The one thing suggested to me when I was wrestling with low weight was ice cream right before bed. It does help.

Nana The Nana said...

Hard to think about someone having a hard time to gain weight! I know it happens, but I just can't wrap my head around that concept. Good luck with the boy and your decision with the meds.

Jessica said...

I understand the worry of giving him something everyday. Baby Bum is supposed to take Singulair every night to try and ward off the bad eczema attacks. I haven't been giving it to him and he is working on a bad one. I feel guilty and am going to start doing it. Just remember it probably isn't going to be permanent and it will probably ward off any future problems. Good luck. Keep us posted.

Good Luck on the weight loss. You can do. I just hope I can. I am pretty disgusted with myself lately. I hope with today starting fresh I can start doing better. My first goal is 10 pounds.

peach said...

Have you tried things like pedia sure? does he drink well?