Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trauma and tribulations

So, the boys got flu shots today. The baby was great. He just kinda whimpered for a minute and then was his usual smiling, giggly self. The boy..... high pitched shrieks and screams, struggles and I think he would have killed the nurse with his bare hands if I had let him. Poor guy.

Then, mommy dearest, in my infinite wisdom, decided that tonight was the night he was sleeping in THE BIG BOY BED. duh duh duh. Yeah. It so didn't work. He went completely hysterical. Screaming and crying. Sobbing uncontrollably. Sounding terrified. Needless to say, he is back in the crib. Need to rethink this. Maybe I will move the crib into the same room as the bed. One change at a time. Get used to a new room and THEN a new bed later. Not like he doesn't already have enough sleep issues without traumatizing him even more.

Anyway. Check out this site.

Very cool. Very addictive. And very much for a good cause.

Any advice on switching a two year old from a crib to a bed?

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Anonymous said...

Hummm, I remember a little girl being in her "big girl" bed and usually spent most of the night in our bed unless I got up and took her back to hers. I think the crib in the room first is a good idea, then progress to the bed. What about the naps in the bed and bedtime in the crib, all in the same room of course. Easier to keep track of where is is during the day. Who cares if he takes a nap on the floor instead of the bed? Love you and see you soon girl! Mom