Saturday, November 10, 2007

to do

to do lists suck. i make to do lists to help myself get off my ass and get things done. it is supposed to help me be proactive and visualize the work that needs to be done... blah blah blah..... really i think it is just depressing. it just shows how much i did NOT get done during the day. Maybe instead of a to do list i need to write an "I did" list at the end of each day. That way I can see what I accomplished. At the top of the list will be "brushed teeth" and maybe even "took shower" cause that's always a cause to celebrate when you have little kids.....

i am writing in my blog. that is today's accomplishment. i rock. (along with the twenty million other little things. but those don't count)

what did you do today? hmmmm?


Anonymous said...

That sounds good, I have a better one for you. Start a list of "things I would like to do". That would be more fun to read!!
Love you and see you soon mom

JessicaB said...

Hell, you did better than me. I didn't even make it through the first week. I gave up real fast.