Tuesday, November 6, 2007

blah blah blah

Today is another day. The boy had therapy. We had a play date. The girl got sick at school. The girl gave attitude and did not seem very sick once she was home. The man did not do much of anything. But he did cook dinner. The baby ate and cried and pooped.

The end.

Another scintillating installment of my life will be posted tomorrow.

Hopefully with more interesting type things to report.

And maybe I will have a sense of humor.

Perhaps the girl will not say mean things to me and hurt my feelings.

Maybe I will get enough sleep.

It could happen.

Don't laugh while you are trying to drink.

You could choke yourself.

And then I could get charged for contributing to the death of somebody. Or something.

Like I need that.

Gosh, try not to make my life any harder. Ok?

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Anonymous said...

Poor you, you and the girl are sure feeling down in the dumps about things. Don't know what got into her. Just having a bad day I guess. What is with her non sleeping? That is not to good. Is she going to be like Uncle Steve? And you now and then? Hope that quits soon, that has to add to the attitude. Have a better day today kiddo, I love you and will see you in, lets see, about 10 days? Clean out the coffee pot please.. Mom