Friday, November 2, 2007

And the hits keep on comin....

Well, H'ween was fab. The boy rocked out with the candy grabbin. He also thought it was great fun to run INTO PEOPLE'S HOUSES. Well, they had a cat. Of course he had to go see it. All in all great fun was had by every one of us.

The oldest was sick for three days with the vomiting horror that is a stomach virus. She was well enough to go trick or treating though.

The sickness hit me and the boys the next day. Yuck. Aches and pains and head colds. Snot and phlegm and sweating and.... yeah. Bodily fluids, anyway. I am feeling somewhat better today and the older boy was not snotting quite as much so I am hoping he is over the worst of it. But, he was attempting to suck my soul out through my eyeballs today. Every time I turned around I saw him doing something he was not allowed to do. He spent the day getting into trouble. He pulled his brother off the couch, pushed him over every time he tried to stand up, pulled a small metal shelving unit over on himself (he is fine), dropped his sister's paint brushes through the cracks of the boards on the porch, threw his supper on the floor (well that's normal), took the cushions off the love seat so that he could stack them ON TOP of his brother and lay down, dumped out EVERY SINGLE toy he owns onto the floor, brought chalk in the house to write on mommy's legs, tried to climb inside the dish washer, taught his brother how to climb inside the dishwasher (I actually was watching this one and laughing), opened the fridge and got peanut butter cups out to eat as many as he could before I caught him (I think he made it to 5), took his diaper off and ran around the house naked, tried to type on the computer using his sippy cup, jumped off of the edge of the porch onto the concrete, snuck into the bedroom and shook the baby's bed to wake him up (the baby had already refused to nap most of the day) because he was not done playing with him yet, poured half a cup of my root beer onto his daddy's work pants and then the rest onto his brother's head, tore his favorite bedtime book into three pieces, climbed on top of back of the couch and jumped onto my head (not fun for those who were wondering) and...... well..... you can use your imagination for the rest of the day.

He went to bed early and is presently sleeping the sleep of the just and exhausted toddler. The baby is still screaming in his bed. The sleep training is not going well. He has not slept in his bed all day long except the fifteen minutes before his brother woke him up at about 3:30. I am about to give up for the night and just go get him because he is breaking my heart. He has sucked the energy out of me today.

Meanwhile, I am a snot fest myself and feel like I got hit by a mack truck. I am not very amusing this evening. Please forgive the list of horribleness that is my day today. Perhaps I will be able to post a little amusing story tomorrow to make you laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a normal day in the life of a very active 2 year old! You being sickly did not help I am sure. Hang in there, it does get better, the worries keep coming though so get ready... mom