Friday, September 5, 2008

Mundane Madness?

I hate my computer. Really. And it hates me. That's why I have not been around much this week. The stupid thing has picked up some virus or bug or something and is trying to eat my soul. We must fix it. Which probably means wiping it completely and reinstalling the operating system. Again. Meanwhile, one of the ways in which the silly thing is trying to get me is by disabling my spell check. Gack. So, please forgive any horrible misspellings....

The past week has been hot and tiring and trying. My air conditioner decided to take a crap on Tuesday and was not fixed until yesterday. So I spent several days in sweltering, humid, nasty Mississippi weather with no AC and two screaming, incredibly irritable children. The husband and The Girl were able to escape for large chunks of time. We spent a lot of time outside as it was cooler than inside. Ha! Not by much but still.....

The Wingmen of Mayhem are planning something. I think that they are trying to lull me into a false sense of security. A belief that they are capable of behaving and not trying to kill each other for long periods of time. Just so that I drop my gaurd. But I am on to them! I will not lower my defenses! Although I did catch them climbing onto the headboard/ shelf of the older boys' bed and then jumping onto the bed from there..... we removed the headboard immediately. It was just asking for broken limbs or a cracked skull.

I have several very interesting posts and some new poetry floating around in my brain. Hopefully, if the computer cooperates, I will be posting again tomorrow. And then the next day. And MAYBE even the next day! I know! Shocking! Amazing! Awe inspiring!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i had to do the whole OS thing too... thank God dell helped me or I would never have accomplished it as the original disc was bad so they sent me a second... it was bad and the thrid worked THANK GOD... I was about to go nuts without my computer!
Hugs Laura

Dragonfly Dreaming said...

Today's weather blows monkey chunks. We're expecting Hannah so it's humid and sticky and then it rains and then it's sunny and it's like Nature can't make her mind what she wants to do. ;) I hope your computer gets better soon, I would be very sad if me and my computer stopped loving one another. xoxox

Pioneering in PA said...

You inspire me.


Good luck with that virus thing. Cost me $40 to rid T-Bone's sustem of over 100 tracking viruses.

Good thing I do the billing with my puter that is protected.

The Not So Simple Things In Life said...

Good Luck with your PC, I finally got a new one as the old would just shut down on me when it felt like it! I broke down and got a virus protection for this one...but anyways thank god you got the AC fixed and your cooler now! The weather here is starting to be a bit nicer..but I dread winter!

I'll be around more now and hope to keep up with you!