Monday, September 29, 2008

Bug Bites and Potty Humor

So, Saturday, my youngest decided that ant piles are for playing in. He sat his chubby little ass down right in a huge fire ant bed. And proceeded to play. While the ants crawled all over him and into his diaper. I did not see the ant pile so was unaware that there was an issue. I think he didn't understand what was going on when they first started biting him. He did get up and start to walk to me. When I saw him crying I went running.

It was straight out of a horror flick. I started swiping at his legs to get the ants off and then pulled off his diaper. I swear, he was COVERED in fire ants. By the time I got them all off I was freaking out at all the bites. From the middle of his back to about his knees he is covered in ant bites. He has some on his neck, arms and feet but not many. His inner thighs and diaper area are the worst. I guess they went for warm, damp area and went to town.

He is doing fine with them, no signs of any allergies and he has an appointment at the doctor scheduled for tomorrow anyway so I will have him take a look at the bites to make sure all is well. But, it scared me to death. Poor baby. He doesn't seem to be bothered at all by them, though... a little itchy but he went right back to playing afterwards with no side effects.

On a lighter note.... we are working on potty training our middle child. Because of his speech problems, we are not pushing, just working at his pace. Since he cannot TELL us that he has to go, we are working slowly. But, the other night, the funniest things happened.

The Boy decided to go on the potty. While he was doing his business, the Baby decided he was going to go on the potty too. So he sat on the Boy's lap. LOL I got him off and when the boy finished, I took the babies diaper off so he could sit on the potty. The Boy was patting the potty and going "Here, Mal-Mal" (That's what he calls his brother). So, "Mal-Mal" sat on the potty and his brother proceeded to show him how to aim and then when he was done, showed him how to shake it off. I was trying my damnedest not to just laugh until I cried. They were very serious about the whole process. So, the baby hopped up and ran around for a minute. Then he came back and peed again. He did this four times! LOL He may be trained before his big brother!

Speaking of potty training......

The Boy was on the potty the other day and he was checking himself out. Must be a guy thing. Anyway, he looked at me and pointed at himself and said "Look, Mama, Bubbles!". I almost strangled myself trying not to laugh at him as I told him that they weren't bubbles but were balls. He got this weird look on his face and looked back down at himself. Then back at me. Then back at himself. And said, in a very shocked and suspicious tone, "BALLS??!!??".... LMAO. I almost had a stroke. So, I explained to him that they were really called testicles but we sometimes call them balls. I don't think he believes me. I just hope he doesn't decide to try to bounce them.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

OH MY HAVE MERCYYYYYYYYY that is the funniest thing i have ever heard!!!!!!!!! BAlls indeed!

I hope the baby does not have any reaction to the fire ants God just ONE hurts so freakin bad I can not imagin a bunch of them... yes I can my father got a bunch of bites when mowing and ended up in the hospital... ARGGGGG

Love the fun stuff though kids are a trip!

Anonymous said...

ouchie ouchie!!! Hope he does not have to endure the suffering of ant bites that I do. Thankfully they are nearly non-existent in AZ.

That potty stuff is hilarious!!! We've had a couple of times in public restrooms where I made both kids come into the one stall with me. Then they both had to go at the same time. Since Little J still sits and J stands, I made J pee in the gap behind Little J. It was so funny and they took it so seriously. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My.... This is too funny. Balls.. really? LOL Poor Mal. Ant bites suck... I can't imagine having them all over my loewr region. I did however stand in an ant bed once when I was little and had bitess all over my legs. I remember being really ichy, but that's all. I hope potty training continues going well. Maybe Mal will be more of an incentive for B. to want to do it. I miss you too!

Lesley said...

Poor poor babe! Reminds me of when Alex had chicken pox - he was only about 6 or 7 months old and they were EVERYWHERE! It brought new meaning to the term Great Balls of Fire! It's like the chicken pox were totally attracted to his diaper area.

Beavers must be like boy scouts. The beaver scarves are in fact just scarves, sorry to disappoint. You totally made my laugh though :o)

Anonymous said...

Now I know why I had girls... so I wouldn't have to explain balls!

Congratulations on the potty training successes!

InTheFastLane said...

he, he...sounds so familiar...I just wrote about JJ calling them "meatballs." I seriously almost peed my pants I was laughing so har.

Bina said...


Oh My God that is so freaking funny!!!!!! BUBBLES!!!!!!

Holy Crap you made me laugh!

And that poor thing and those ants. I hate that for him but it doesn't sound as bad as it could have been. It gives me the creeps though just thinking about it.

Cece said...

This was a really funny read for me b/c I've got two girls & a nice who's in the middle of them age wise. I've never had to "deal with" boys before. But now my sister is having our first boy, next week hopefully, and oh my what we're in for!