Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Biggest Loser, Bdays and BJs

Better day today.... I just have those days, ya know?

Tomorrow The Girl and I are starting our own version of The Biggest Loser..... Faerie Style! We will weigh in every week for the next six months and atthe end of that time, we will have a winner. Actually, I think I mighthave three categories which gives me a better chance of winning something! LOL Most pounds lost, most inches lost and percentage of fat lost. We will do a monthly weigh in, measure and fat check at Curves and see what happens.

I haven't decided on prizes yet.... any ideas?

The boys have been whiney most of the day today. It really is one of the worst things possible. I could stand screaming fits better than whining!! But, I handled things fine today... must have been PMS.

My husband has been talking about getting a different job since this summer's pay fiasco... but today he actually made steps in that direction. Go honey! As far as I am concerned it could not happen soon enough. His boss and he are at each other's throats all the time. Steven is stressed and depressed which just makes things harder for me. I really hope things work out the way he is talking aboutand we can get situated in a different situation, LOL.

My husband will be turning 38 on Friday. Wow. I now have to decide on the coolest thing to do for him for his bdaythat won't cost much money. I mean, other than a BJ. That's pretty much a given! LOL Any suggestions for cheap bday joy for the hubby?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

2 bj's ? LOL :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your weight loss. I predict that you'll do great! And I hope that your hubs actually makes the change and finds something new that will work for him!

vicki tori a said...

Hey Girl just me dropping by saying wassup. we are just cleaning up after the storms it tore or city up we are just not used to major winds around here.

vicki tori a said...

way to go to jenna she is just like you used to be congrats she seems lie a really cool kid. My little on started pre-school we are excited.