Sunday, April 6, 2008

Things. And stuff.

Thanks for the comments on the post for my mom! She, unfortunately, is on VACATION for a week! So, she won't even get to read it until next Monday! Oh, well. I hope she gets as good of a feeling reading it as I did writing it.

Today, DH and I made our planter box thingy. It is 1 foot deep and 4 ft wide by 8 ft long. We built it. We placed newspaper in the bottom over the grass and spread gravel over the paper to help with drainage. We will go on Tuesday and pick up all of the soil, plants and seeds so that I can start planting! We will be doing square foot planting like you see here. And we plan to use upside down planters for our tomatoes and peppers like these but I think we will be making our own and not paying $20 or so each. As far as what we plan on growing.... I still have not decided 100%. I know DH is planning specific tomatoes and peppers. I want a variety of leaf lettuces, cukes, string beans, carrots, squash, spinach and maybe eggplant. We will see what I end up with! LOL

The Boy is on a sleep strike. Not sure why. Right now he is screaming and refusing to sleep.... I may have to slam my head into a wall just to get some peace.....

Maybe it is because of the big step he has taken recently.....

He is using the potty! On his own! Without prompting! As long as he is naked! And does not have to poop! And is not distracted!

Well, he only had one accident today. We have been doing "naked" training. He really seems to be getting the idea. Next, I will try him in underwear and see if he gets the concept of pulling them down and going. If I put him in pull-ups or diapers he just pees. And it doesn't bother him to do so. So, we are going to try underwear. Wish me luck. Oh! He also is refusing to poop in the potty. I have cleaned some turds off of interesting places this weekend. Any advice?

I will be posting my CVS shopping deals and pics later tonight or maybe tomorrow. See ya then!


Anonymous said...

its a boy thing. we were in that same place a few weeks ago. We just finsihed our first week of underwear for 50-75% of the day. We also did nekkid training and he just started asking for underwear and would melt down if he didn't get them.
We still aren't having consistency with the pooping thing, but for the most part he is only going in his diaper before the 1st change of the day. We've had a few accidents in the underwear but atleast he isn't totally freaking about it like he did in the beginning.

Good LUCK!

We are THAT Family said...

I'm all about naked potty training, but that's only after jean potty training. I start off in blue jeans so they can really 'feel' how miserable peeing on themselves is. It's worked twice. We'll see about the third. It will probably be outlawed by the time I get the toddler trained.

Bina said...

That square box planting looks so cool! I would love to do something like that in my backyard, with flowers. We have the ROCKIEST clay soil you have ever seen and it's so hard to dig up. You have to dig, gather rocks, use a pick, gather rocks, till, pick up rocks. But I love that idea.

You are so funny about your son;

"Bang my head against the wall to get some peace".

Now that cracked me up. My first son was so hard to potty train. I even caught him flushing his underwear down the toilet! My second son pretty much trained himself, cause he did EVERYTHING his older brother did. Kekoa was 18 months and trained himself. The other 3? Hmmm, not so easy.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh have fun and good luck! :) Keep us updated on all the good laughs you are going to be having from this :)

Jessica said...

Pullups didn't work for Lil' bum either. She wears them to bed now but we went all underwear for the training.

I am the last person to ask for potty training advice.