Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Day In The Deep South

I went outside today and stretched in the warm, moist air of the Deep South. I put on my old, ugly, threadbare sneakers, brushed my tangled hair out of my eyes and.... started the lawnmower. The push lawnmower. And wheeled it around to my front yard. There I spent the next 60 minutes sweating, straining and groaning while I made my ugly front yard look neatly manicured and vaguely like I give a shit.

Which I don't.

If it wasn't for the fact that part of my lease states that we are responsible for yard maintenance.... I would never mow the damn yard. I don't see the point. Yes, the backyard needs to be mowed. Just to keep critters away from the area where the kids play. But why waste gas and time and energy just to mow a yard that no one ever goes in??

I don't get it.

However, one good thing came of today's sweat fest.... I got whistled at twice in one hour by passing rednecks in trucks! LOL What is it about men that they feel a need to whistle at women? Even me... in my ratty clothes with tangled, graying hair and a flabby belly peeking out of my too short tank top.... they even whistled at me....

It made my day....


Anonymous said...

You're beautiful... even in drab clothes with tangled hair. Besides , maybe they thought you were sexy because you could use a push mower too! ::Giggles:: Loves ya!

Claudia said...

And as well they should have my dear. You are a Goddess, and those men saw you for who you are. The REAL you. And appreciated her. A REAL woman. PS, I'd be happy to make you a Fairy header if you wanted!!!! :) Glad we connected!!!

Lesley said...

I wish I had some guys whistling at me :o) That would probably have put a little more bounce in my step as I was pushing the mower, lol.

As much as I hate yardwork I always seem to be the one to do it. But I love being out in the sunshine so it's not really a chore. Plus, I have this secret game of trying to be the first of the neighbours to mow and edge the lawn so it looks the best.

Sad but true.