Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Making Free Money

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
Two things real quick. This seems to be a legit company and really works! The money is in my account! Yay! So, if you acr fast (before April 15th) you, too could make $25 for free. If you use my referral button above, I will get an additional $10. But, you can go there on your own, too! But, hey, if you use Paypal then this is basically the same thing. I was not sure at first, but now I have seen the money! LOL

#2 is a really cool site. It is a community site with all kins of great features. You can play games, find recipes, check out referrals on restaurants, read articles, chat, participate on the discussion board and best of all..... earn points for any and all of these things! And you can exchange those points for gift cards and prizes. This is a totally free site and is easy as can be. You can go on your own or.... if you let me know you are interested, I will send you a referral link. This gets me extra points. Right now, I have about 6600 points. I need 12,500 to get a gift card for $25 to Target! It has only taken me about a week to get this many points. Not bad. I am going to save up my points and get a $250 Visa gift card... to buy Christmas presents with! LOL

I will be back again, soon, with my menu for this week and an update on the boy's potty training....


Anonymous said...

Send me the refferal link to Boomertowne. That sounds like something I would do!!

Jessica said...

Sounds Great!