Thursday, April 10, 2008

My days in Pictures....

I decided to share some pics with you guys today. Because I am still exhausted and coming out with any good content is beyond me tonight!! So... to begin.... we have Tuesday night's pizza-off. DH made the first two pizzas. The one on the right is blackened chicken, onion sun dried tomato and ranch dressing. The one on the left is mushroom, onion, ranch dressing and truffle oil marinated rib eye tips. Both very yummy....
Then, you have my two pizzas... the half eaten one on the left is half cheese and half pepperoni. The one on the right is pepperoni, caramelized onion, mushroom and black olive. hmmmm..... which one do you think the kids liked?? You betcha! Here we have a picture of the littlest scarfing down cheese pizza. What a mess!
And here, we have The Boy after a hard day of playing and potty training. he fell asleep in the hallway of all places! And yes, he did pee on the carpet. How observant you all are! LOL
Now, I want to show you what a spring afternoon in my back yard looks like! We have a kickin' play area set up for the kids. It rocks. And they love it!

The Boy did not want me taking pictures of them. You see him hollering at me in the picture above? LOL

Here is a picture of the horrible old car I am driving. I shouldn't speak ill of her... she has survived a lot. I will hopefully be posting a picture of the new, old van next week! Yay!
One last picture.... This is where I will be planting my garden! See all of the really great dirt there? Now, I just need to get the seeds and plants actually IN THE GROUND!!! LOL

More next time.... be good!


The Mom of 'em said...

we want to play at your house...and eat your pizza. =-)

We are THAT Family said...

Wow. That looks yummy. Our homemade pizzas are puny is comparison.

Asthmagirl said...

Those pizzas look awesome!

The Not So Simple Things In Life said...

Seeing your pizza pics reminded me of the post I have yet to finish of my 1 yr old making and eating her own little pizza!

I so want a play yard like yours for the kiddos, I guess with the warmer weather coming I can work on getting it done but don't think I will ever get it as big as yours! I HATE came home today from the park with sand in their hair and I just HATE it!!

I will be back posting again tomorrow....stay tuned!

Lesley said...

Your backyard is fab! My kids would be so jealous! We're in a suburb with very small yards. Honestly I think our neighbours house is about 5 feet away from our own. No privacy whatsoever BUT I like the neighbourhood. Lots of young kids for playmates and a ton of great parks.

But still...a yard like that...I'd be in heaven!

Jessica said...

Is it lunch time yet? You guys make some pretty pizzas.

The peeing on the carpet thing made me laugh at about the time my boss walked by. Do you think he realized I wasn't working?