Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas!

I took an unannounced break from the blog to spend some much needed time with the family. My wonderful husband was able to swing four days off from the restaurant so he was home for the holidays with no interruptions. It was awesome.

We had a great Christmas and the kids had fun with all of their new toys and stuff. We got a Wii and Wii Fit for a family gift and Jenna and I have been working out every day. Love it! There were lots of other great presents but I really see no need to document every one. I will say a big THANK YOU to any of my family reading this!

I will be back later with another post, I just wanted to say that I hope all of my bloggy friends had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. I will be by to visit everyone sometime soon!


Alissa said...

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Have fun with your family and all your new toys!

JoeyRes said...

Merry belated Christmas to you as well & Happy New Year in advance!

Rue said...

Yay for great Holidays! So glad you had fun!