Thursday, December 3, 2009

First It Rains - Then You Get A Damn Typhoon

Things are, as usual, crazy here. But more so than usual for the past few days. In between crazy car trouble and new job opportunities and decisions needing to be made concerning both, my two youngest children have decided to become demon children and eat my soul.

Just kidding on the demon thing.

Sort of.

On a happier note, rather than doing his normal Santa visiting routine of standing 10 feet back and hollering out his toy requests (oh, please don't let the big fat hairy guy look at me! Please no touching! No! No sitting on him! Don't let him look at me!) , Braeden actually sat on Santa's lap today. His school went on a field trip to the mall to see the big guy. Braeden sat in his lap. IN.HIS.LAP. And told him he wanted trucks for Christmas. By the time we got home this afternoon, the Christmas list sounded something like this:

A red fire truck
A white bus
A yellow car
A yellow dump truck
TWO purple BIG trucks

And a hundred cars.

Wow. He has really grasped this whole ask Santa and get presents thing.

I wonder when he learned the number 100? Damn school.


Ang said...

YAY!!! for him for sitting on Santa's lap. We found out tonight that Dustin is deathly afraid of Santa. Poor thing. But we did get one of those photos that only a mother can love. Blake looking at Santa and telling him what he wants, Natalee biting on her fingers, Dustin freaking out, and baby Ben pulling at Santa's beard. LOL

Laura ~Peach~ said...

So happy he sat on santas lap :) thats a big thing...
i love the truck stage... Martha had it bad when she was 3ish...

Anne said...

ha! Haven't tackled the Santa thing yet with our 20 month old but our day is coming soon, too ;) BTW, I think the demon virus is going around--our son turned into one yesterday, too. Must be in the water.

Life As I Know It said...

wow - I'm impressed he sat on his lap! Also impressed with his very specifically colored list ;)