Friday, February 1, 2013

Cooking Sucks

Some days I love cooking and baking. Other days it is a chore I dread. It all depends on my energy level and how busy I have been that day I guess. I have been trying to think of different recipes to have on tap for those nights when I really don't want to cook. Instead of heading to McDonalds or ordering pizza... since $$ continues to be tight and healthier food is more important than pure convenience.

I mined my Facebook friends for some ideas and searched Pinterest and some recipe sites. And went back to my Mom's recipe book too.

Another thing about cooking..... pretty soon I will be having to adjust how much I am cooking at each meal. When Jenna and Nate move out I will only be cooking for me and Steven. The boys do not eat the same things we do. So adjusting the volume of my cooking is going to be weird for me! I am so used to cooking huge amounts of each dish!

I am hoping to get together a list of tried and true easy and quick recipes for myself. Because I have really started to dread cooking. And meal planning is killing me because I plan for meals that I then have no desire to cook!!!!!! I might start posting recipes and meal plans again to help with this goal.

What are your favorite go to recipes for times like that? I am wondering if I just need to start doing more freezer cooking. But so many of the freezer cooking recipes turn out weird for me that I hate to try them and not know if they will be something we will like.

I think I am both a lazy cook and a food snob at once. It makes for interesting meal choices!

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