Saturday, February 9, 2013

Keeping Mal Quiet

I was outside smoking last night and when I cam in I discovered that Malachai's mouth was taped shut. When I asked who did it he told me Braeden did. Braeden said his brother was being too loud. LMAO I guess I have threatened to do it one too many times!

Malachai can seriously not shut his mouth. I don't know HOW his teacher at school deals with him! He even talks in his sleep. He never stops talking, singing, humming or mumbling. He also never stops moving (or rarely) (he walks in his sleep too) and he is ALWAYS hungry!

When he was diagnosed with ADHD NO ONE was surprised!

But he is also incredibly funny.

Thank goodness for funny little boys full of energy to get my day started right! I hear him.... creeping out of his bedroom.... he probably wants to scare me.... LOL

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