Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Down With the Sickness

I didn't even know that big kids could get croup, did you? My 5 year old is home sick for the 2nd day with what we suspect is croup. He is coughing hard (sounds like a dog barking) and so hoarse that he sounds like he has been smoking for 50 years! Slight temp and a little bit of congestion. Otherwise he seems fine! He wants to go outside and play and runa round. I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow morning.

We have been extremely lucky overall... my children have had very few illnesses in their lives! In fact, both of my sons have only ever had a single ear infection each. And both of those were when they were 5. No baby ear infection scares, no flu, no crazy sickness that can't be diagnosed.

We have dealt with fifth's disease, colds, basic stomach viruses (very few) and injuries.

I am actually shocked that I have not had to take Malachai (5) to the emergency room yet! He is such a rough and tumble boy that I am just waiting for the first broken bone.

We have had dental surgeries (Braeden), severe burns (Braeden), a gashed face that required stitches (Braeden) and tonsils/ adenoid surgery (Malachai).

So while I am sometimes overwhelmed with all of the craziness of dealing with autism and ADHD and basic kid sickness... it could be so much worse.

A good friend of mine is taking her 16 year old daughter to the hospital today to try to get brain surgery scheduled. For the second time. She has a brain tumor (non cancerous but dangerous as hell) that has grown back. Two years ago she had surgery but they did not do the radiation they should have and now it has grown back. I can't even imagine the fear my friend is struggling with! So now she has to have brain surgery... again. And then 6 weeks of radiation (I think).

But you know what this bad ass teen did? She shaved her head already. So that she is bald because of her own actions rather than because of the radiation and surgery. And so that she will get used to it and not be upset. She is a total BAMF and so is her Mom. Not only are they dealing with this but she also has a son Braeden's age who is autistic. And her husband is in the Army. BAMF.

SO while I worry about my son (of course) and I get frustrated with the little kid sicknesses that knock our schedules for a loop.... I also embrace them. because it could be so much worse. I could have so many larger worries. I could be facing the possibility of cancer, death, disability... so many other things.

I am hugging my kids extra hard tonight and giving a couple extra kisses. ANd I will be TRYING not to complain about the little things quite as much.

HUGS to Tara and Shonna and all of their family as they saddle up for another round of surgeries. You got this!

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