Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moving Phobia

We will (hopefully) be moving back to Florida in June. I am happy about this! Excited and almost ecstatic actually. Not about the moving part. Just about the Florida part.

The thought of the actual MOCE is filling me with stress, tension and fear.

What you have to understand is that we moved 4 times in the space of one year. And each time it was stressful and anxiety ridden. So I have horrible memories of moving. And an inter state move is even worse! It all has to be done at once. You can't forget something and run back and get it.

This week I ave spent time trying to figure out the moving costs so that we can set the $$ aside and not spend it. And checking on the cost of a moving van. And looking at the costs of getting utilities turned on. And thinking about packing. And new schools. And new responsibilities as a home owner (sort of).

My stomach is in knots and I have a stress headache.

It will all work out fine in the end but until then I have a feeling I will be obsessing over every little detail.

I need strength and fortitude to get through until after the move. I need wine too.

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Melissa Juliet said...

Florida is like a bad relationship! The weather is bipolar, full of emotional hurricanes that turn your life upside down, but we still keep coming back!