Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pinterest Addict

Yep. I am addicted to Pinterest! If you use it then feel free to check out my boards here. If you would like or need an invitation then just drop me a comment and I will send you one.  Since I spend so much time on Pinterest I have actually started using some of the things I have pinned! My SIL started a blog JUST to talk about things she has done from Pinterest. I am not going to do that. But, I WILL be sharing some things that I have discovered are huge time savers or great tips.

I also taught myself to crochet via links on Pinterest! I am slowly working my way through all of the crappy yarn that was floating around in my house by making things like ice cream sweaters and coasters. Once I am feeling like I know what I am doing pretty well I have a ton of great pins to help me make some great items like afghans, scarves, skirts and hats. Can't wait!

I am also working out every day and trying to get healthy. SO far I have done really well and have worked out every day since January 2nd. I will NOT be sharing a ton of stuff about my weight loss and healthy living journey unless it is requested. I have a private group on Facebook where I post a lot of stuff and a bunch of boards on Pinterest (of course) with great tips and links to exercises.

So I really AM busy! Busy with crafts, busy with working out, busy with every day life, busy planning an interstate move in a few months..... and busy with Pinterest!!

More later! I tried a GREAT tip this morning that I may just share with you. With pictures. Yummy.

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