Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So, Jenna and Nate are getting married at the end of April. That means I will be a Mother in law! I wonder what crazy things I can do to make them groan when I tell them I am coming to visit?!? Of course, they have to MOVE OUT before I can come visit them. LOL

It is a little weird to think about my baby girl getting married. Some days it seems like just yesterday that she was born. And of course I worry about them getting married so young. But it is their lives and their decision! And they are really good for each other. Nate is a good young man with a good work ethic who treats Jenna well. They really love each other. SO I guess getting married is a natural progression for them. And when we move they will be staying here so I guess them being married is a good thing.

Planning the wedding has been fun so far although a little stressful for Ms. Jenna I think! And there are tons of things to be done before April... which is creeping up on us pretty fast!

I told them I am not allowed to be a Grandma until I am at least 40 by the way. Otherwise it will just feel wrong.... :)

Any of my readers have grown children who have gotten married? Is it weird having a son or daughter in law? I mean, Nate has lived with us for close to a year now so I feel like I know him pretty well. But I wonder if it is feels different once they are actually married? He already irritates me ALMOST as much as Jenna does. heeheehee

Aren't they cute?????

Anyway. If anyone is actually reading these posts, what do you want me to write about? ANything you want to know, see, hear? Any updates you want? Any info you want me to share? I am trying to write every day and get back int he habit so ideas for posts are important! ;)

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