Monday, February 8, 2010

Kreative Blogger Award!

Mother Moon's Message bestowed an award upon me several weeks ago. In the midst of all of my drama and hullabaloo, I had not had a chance to post about it. So, here it is!

I am actually really really honored to get the Kreative Blogger award, seeing as how I have not felt very creative lately! Thank you so much for the award.

Seven Rules:
- Thank the person who gave the award to you - Thank you Mama Moon! I love your blog and really, truly appreciate the award.
- Copy the award to your blog - Done
- Place a link to their blog - See above!
- List 7 things people do not know about you - See below
- Nominate 7 other bloggers - See below
- Link to the bloggers you nominate - See below
- Comment on their blogs to let them know - Will do!

So, it has taken me some time to think of seven interesting things about myself. See, I don't generally think of myself as being all that interesting! Plus, I usually lay it all out there. There isn't too much about me that I have not talked about on this blog! LOL But, with some thought, and some help from my MIL, I came up with the following:

1. I am a Romulan... ha! I know, you are shaking your head now. But, that is what my MIL calls me. It's because I am weird about food. My SIL is the same way and so my MIL always called her a Romulan and now I am called that as well. I am weird about my food in that I do NOT like my food to touch any other food on my plate. Especially corn. Corn cannot be in anything or touch anything if I am going to eat it. Really. And if food touches on my plate, the part that has touched will PROBABLY be thrown away. My MIL periodically buys me divided plates and laughs at me. But, my food rules are serious. I have no control over it. It is just part of my weird OCDness!

2. I am a Virgo, born on August 28, 1974. My husband is also a Virgo (September 12, 1970). I share a birthday with his cousin. I am the same age as his sister. He is a Dog and I am a Tiger. His sister is also a Tiger. Tigers and Dogs get along really well.

3. My husband and I were both very close friends with the same person for more than a dozen years. But, we never met each other in all that time. The night that we finally met, we hooked up immediately. You can read more about our story here. Personally, I think we both had to grow and learn before we were right for each other, but it was fate that we be together eventually!

4. I used to run a quail farm. My father ran it for years and when he needed to retire, I took over. It was fun in some ways but too time consuming when I was working two other jobs. The quail were cute when they were little but boy are those birds dumb! I used to catch and deliver thousands of birds at a time to hunt clubs for hunters to shoot at. I always ended up with poop in my hair and scratches all over me from their little claws and beaks. Darn birds. ANd I don't even want to talk about trying to catch them when it had been raining and the flight pens were muddy!!!

5. I also used to work as a laborer for my father. He was a mason/ bricklayer. I worked for him for several years. I mixed up mud (mortar mix), stacked brick, cleaned joints, dug footers and did anything else he needed me to do. He was starting to teach me to lay brick, too. But, I was also working two other jobs at the time and the office job ended up winning out over the laboring jobw hen push came to shove. But I used to liek working with him and being out int he sun. I would wear a bikini top or tank top with some cut off shorts. The other construction workers used to give me lots of crap! LOL But I was in better shape then that at any other time in my life!

6. I never wanted children. When I was growing up, I never babysitted or even wanted to babysit. I thought babies smelled weird and never wanted to be tied down by kids. I wanted to be a single, strong woman with no ties so that I could do whatever I wanted. Then, I had my daughter at 19. And I still did not want any more children. I loved Jenna, never would have changed having her, BUT... that was it. Then, I ended up a SAHM with 3 kids. LOL And I love it. Just goes to show that you never can tell what life will bring to you. And sometimes, what you think you want is not what will be best for you.

7. My Mom just told me something really interesting. I called her and told her that I had no idea what #7 should be because I don't think I am very interesting. She told me that one of the things she thinks is most interesting about me (to her) is that while I am not religious at all and do not go to church, I am one of the most spiritual people she knows. ANd that my grandmother thinks the same thing! So, I guess one more interesting fact about me is that I view myself differently than others do! The things about myself that I think are just boring and jsut plain old me.... others think are interesting or fascinating.


I would love to give this award to 7 others.... but I suck at that kind of thing. Most people that I would have given this to have already gotten it. I do have a three bloggers that I enjoy who I think deserve this that I do not think have gotten it yet. I am sure there are more and if I think of any I will come back and post them as well! Here goes:

Christina from Beena's Blog
Ana from I'm a Hodge Podge
Lesley from Life at the Beck's

Heading out to let these ladies know..... I also got another award that I will try to post about soon. And I have plenty of everyday posts to write! LOL


Mother's Moon's Message said...

very interesting points about yourself... I agree quails are the dumbest birds alive... and I love the story about you and your husband having the same friend... fate... what can you say... have a good Monday Tracy

Lesley said...

Yippee!!!! I've never won a blog award before...this gives me something to blog about - I've indeedio been in a slump lately.


Christina said...

yay! thanks!!! im so happy you thought of me

why dont you always use the divided plates that way the food never touches?
Do you eat corn?
I am verrrry picky with food but its a long list of food i dont eat. And if any of it remotely touches my food i wont eat it. But the food i like can touch and thats fine with me.

Nana The Nana said...

As a mother I can't help but wonder what if anything I had to do with all your "funny" things. The thing with Steve is indeed interesting and strange.

mxtodis123 said...

Love that story of you and your hubby. Love stories always get to me. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Great list and links. I found you through Beena's blog and I am now following you.


Bridgett said...

Congratulations on your award!
And hey, I thought your points were quite interesting. :)

I was born in '75. We're very close to the same age.


kanishk said...

I've indeedio been in a slump lately.

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