Friday, October 31, 2008

Two Years Ago Today.......

The story of how my husband and I met is actually fairly amusing. To me, anyway! LOL

I had been friends with Paulie for about 12 years off and on and he had a best friend that he had known for, gosh, 15 - 20 years. His name was Steven. We had never met because he was living in Ft. Lauderdale and we were in Gainesville. I might have met him years before, briefly, but I didn't remember it if I had. So, we shared a mutual friend but had never met that either of us remembered. When Paulie told me that Steven was moving back to Gainesville I was like "Cool! I will finally get to meet him!".

The night that Steven moved back, he and Paulie headed out to the bar after they had unpacked the Uhaul and Steven's GF at the time had gone to sleep. I met them up at the bar for a few drinks. Steven and I hit it off right away and we flirted and chatted and drank and.... well. Paulie had to give another friend a ride home so I offered to give Steven a ride back to his new apartment. Paulie made me promise to behave myself. Ha! He must not have made Steven promise. Long story short, we ended up hooking up. I felt bad about his GF, yes. It was bad to cheat, etc etc. I know it all.

We ended up not really seeing much of each other as he was trying to make things work out with his GF and I respected that. When she moved out a little bit later we started dating/ sleeping together regularly.

Now, I will not name names but I had a good friend who was also semi involved with him. One day, I called his cell phone and she answered. I was totally jealous that she had spent the night at his house. I am so totally not a jealous person, normally, that this made me stop and think. She asked me. later, if I wanted her to back off and I said yes. So.... clear playing field!

Steven jokes that one day I was just living in his house and then all of a sudden there was a kid there! LOL It was slower than that. I did not even introduce him to my daughter until we had been seeing each other for about a year. Then, about six months after that we moved in. There were a lot of reasons for that that I will not go into right now. BUT, we were happy!

I found out I was pregnant around Thanksgiving of 2004. Steven wanted to get married but I told him not yet. I did not want to get married while I was pregnant.

Braeden was born on August 9, 2005. On Halloween of 2005 we decided to set our wedding date for the next Halloween. We both love Halloween and dressing up and parties so we decided we wanted a costume party wedding! Neither one of us is very traditional. It works for us! LOL

I started planning the wedding and in the meantime, things happened. We ended up moving to Mississippi and lots of weird things interfered in our lives. Read about them here. BUT, our parents were determined that the wedding would go on as planned. I think they just wanted us safely married off! LOL Meanwhile, we found out we were pregnant again in July of 2006. So, I was getting married pregnant whether I wanted to or not! LOL My MIL bought the material for my wedding dress for me for Xmas, my mother paid for the wedding cake, my MIL paid for the grooms cake, my oldest brother paid for (and cooked) all of the meat for the reception, my other brother paid for us to have a night in a bed and breakfast after the wedding (honeymoon cabin!), my family all pitched in and so did Steven's on buying decorations and setting everything up. It was wild.

We traveled to Florida and everything was set for the wedding. My friend, Chelle, bought my wings for a wedding present and helped to set up and decorate. We spent Halloween day getting everything set up. The wedding was fun! I forgot to carry my bouquet down the aisle but otherwise it was great. My ring is made up of the rings from both my grandmother and Steven's grandmother. His aunt paid a jeweler to take the other ring sets and make them into what I wanted as a wedding present. I had made my own wedding invitations and response cards as well as Thank You cards. I made my dress with the help of my MIL (what a fiasco! I hate satin, even crepe satin!). Steven's and Braeden's outfits were made by his mother. hmmm.... my mom and many others brought dishes of food for the reception. The music was a compilation Halloween CD that I had made up for the wedding to give out. We had no photographer, but we had tons of disposable cameras everywhere and everyone took pictures.

The party was a blast. We had soooo much fun! My brothers got Steven pretty tipsy before the ceremony and there was a keg and several bottles floating around. There was sparkling cider for all of the toasts since I was preggers and could not drink. (shhhhhh, I had a beer right before the ceremony!) The food was to die for and the cake was great. Steven's groom's cake was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting in the shape of his favorite guitar and the wedding cake was chocolate and vanilla with whipped icing.

We partied for hours and then, finally, we headed out to the B&B for our wedding night. It was fabulous. There was a fireplace and a hot tub right in the room. The breakfast left much to be desired but the room was worth it! LOL

So, two years ago tonight, we had a wedding that I will remember forever. And so will all of the people there! LOL Here are some of the pictures from the wedding.... my scanner is not working so these are the ones I already have on the computer. MANY of these are just shots of different friends or relatives that were at the wedding. I did not go through and put captions on most of them. But check out all of the costumes! LOL

I will post pics of this Hween tomorrow hopefully. I hope your night is as frightfully fun as it can possibly be!!!

Happy Anniversary honey, I love you and don't regret a minute of the past two years......


Bina said...

That is so sweet!!!! Sounds like everything turned out great, and on a budget at that!

Let's see, I kept wanting to dress up to hand out candy, but I couldn't spending the $50 - $70 on something I actually like, so I'm not going to. Chris will take Ariana and Sarah trick or treating and I'll be handing out candy with the dog, who WILL be dressed up. My oldest daughter is going with her friends and then they are going to the haunted woods. Chris is taking his two kids to the Biker's Who Care haunted house at the old theater. It was voted #1 in Middle TN so it should be great. But I can't go, cause I have Ariana, who is 5, and I ain't taking her there!

I always get left out of the good stuff. I'm beginning to wonder about that. I get left out, a lot

Nana The Nana said...

Oh, that was so nice to read about and the pictures are sweet. Where have the last two years gone? Seems like a lot longer at times, because I am not around you guys but two years is a long time! Sunday will be your fathers and my anniversary. It will be 45 for us. I wonder where all those years went as well...Love and hugs...

Org Junkie said...

Hello!! Guess what? You WON my giveaway, no kidding!!! Please email me with your address, woohoo!!

Pamela said...

Congratulations on your big win! I love your wedding story!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

sorry I am so far behind but we had a teen intervention here last night that begain around 4 pm and ended about 1 am... and I spent the day yesterday running trying to accomplish everything... cant do some later ya know got to do it all right now LOL.
LOVE the wedding pictures what a cool wedding and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGS Laura