Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I need a gnome....

Things are hectic. I am not even sure if I can go into it all yet. The last few months have been absolutely horrid for me. Steven's surgeries and illness and teen angst and the boys being typical toddler boys. And now.... Malachai turned 2.

He has to have an evaluation with Early Intervention for speech.

Sound familiar?

He goes on Friday for eval. The director of our local EI office came over yesterday to fill out paperwork, etc. She said he will probably receive services because of things she saw when she was here. But, she saw no signs of any other delays. So we are just waiting for the official evaluation and reccomendation now.

What this means is that he will probably have to have a speech therapist come here to the house once a week to work with him. That is in addition to the twice a week that I have to take Braeden to therapy up at the school.

Fun for mom.

I promise to post more in depth as soon as I have a chance to get my head together!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i dont understand... I am sur eI have read why the boys are deemed to need speech therapy but it seems to me that many kids are pushed too far and too hard to soon... I have a cousin who simply did not care to talk... hell he had me to do all the talking... he talked to me and in some areas i am sure we had our own language but... when he got older and decided to he talked... my son had his own language until he was about 3 and a half...Anyway HUGS to you!
i have a house and yard full of gnomes... they dont help out like they should!

Bina said...

Your husband is better, right? All the surgeries are over, kidney stones gone???

My second child, a boy, had to go to speech therapy and occupational therapy for about three years. You can never tell he even had a problem now though.

Hope things get less hectic for you soon.