Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Award? For me?

So, my fabulous daughter, Jenna, from As The Plot Thickens and The Delusional has bestowed (is that right? Should it be bestown? I am sure she will let me know!) upon me a blog award. Not that I think I deserve one what with the sparseness of my blog posts lately, but hey! I'll take it anyway! So the award is the Lemonade Stand award and it is given for great gratitude and/or attitude... and Here it is!

Okay, the rules of this one are as follows:

* Post the award on your blog (done)
* Let them know who gave it to you (done) and link (done)
* Nominate ten other blogs (which I am about to do) and link to them (also, about to do)
* Let your nominees know that they've received the award (I'll do that when I finish this post)

So, here we go with the nominees:

Amy from Amalah - While I know that Amy has about 10 gazillion people who read her blog and she probably gets tons of awards... this one is for her from me. Cause she helps me deal with the emotional turmoil that comes along with having a child with speech and/ or behavior issues. I have followed her journey as I have walked my own path with Braeden. She has given me strength with her never give up attitude. Thanks, Amy!

Lotus from Sarcastic Mom - My heart bled for Lotus over the past year. And it soars with her as she shares her joy and love for her child and the world with everyone who reads her blog. She has shown more strength than I could ever imagine. And even in the middle of depression, still made me smile.

Bina from Just Another Day - Bina always makee me smile with her stories and her take on the world around her. She always seems to bounce right back whenever she has a problem. I want to just hang out with her and chat. And maybe have a beer or two!

Heather from Queen of Shake Shake - Heather makes me snort with laughter on a regular basis. That is not, however, why she gets this award. She gets it for her unending devtion to her sons and her ability to see the world in a different, and maybe better, way through the eyes of her son. And because she helps us see it, too.

Laura from Silence is Broken - Laura (Peaches!) gets this award for being one of the most forgiving and fabulous women I have met on the blogosphere. Her life story made me cry, made me angry for her and made me want to hug her. And she shared it with all of the world. And even after all she has been through, she is one of the most positive people I know!

AsthmaGirl from Is My Cape Fluttering? - Want to learn how tro deal with a chronic illness with panache and chutzpa? Go check out Asthmagirl. And her food porn makes me love her, too.

CJ from A Shining Wreck - An amazing person who does not post often. Her writing always leaves me feeling like I either got punched in the stomach or stroked... somewhere. She is a woman who struggles every day to be with us. When she posts, I am there. Every time. Thanks, CJ!

And I would have nominated my lovely Claudia from Dragonfly Dreaming but her blog disappeared and I don't know what happened to her... sniff... sniff... I have to email her cause I miss her.

That's not 10. But that's more of a post than you have had from me for a while! I leave the other award open for some of the amazing bloggers who pop in to read me when I write... you want it? Yours. Cause you all make me glad to know you!

I promise, a new post soon. I have some changes that will be happening with both blogs and some announcements as to the future of this blog.... Thanks for checking in!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

how totally sweet THANK YOU! I am still trying to get all the trip pics up and blogged about and am way behind but once I get it done I will have to post this :) thank you again thats sweet I am glad you got this award

Bina said...

Thank you so much! I went over to Sarcastic Mom's blog (followed your link) and damn, I think I was over and following links for about 30 minutes!! I had to tear myself away. I read her entry about Hierarchy,, and I used to read CharmingBitch all the time!!!!! And I found her again.

Anyway, thank you! I don't think I know 10 people to give it to, so can I just follow part of the rules??? LOL

Nana The Nana said...

How sweet. Love and hugs.

Sarcastic Mom said...

How sweet of you to think of me for an award! Thank you so much. :-)

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

Wow, I'm so very touched by your words. In fact, it made my day! Thank you!

Jessica said...

Of course you deserve an award!