Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Lazy Tracy

So, like, Mama totally sucks. This is Tracy's daughter from over at The Delusional, who has some serious bragging and stuff to do.

In November I wrote a book. It's called The Surface of the Deep, and it weighed in at 87,050 words. My goal was 50K. Woot! I just rock like that. My book is about a revolution on an alien planet, and it parallels the French Revolution. The French Revolution rocks. You can read all about it at my writing blog, As the Plot Thickens, or on the "Surface of the Deep" page at my "official" (ha) website, High on Life. Go! Read! Give me more blog hits!!! Goooooo!!

Oh, yeah. Mom's putting a new playlist on the sidebar. It's our Christmas playlist. It's sort of...okay,'s pretty offensive. Bad language and crap like that. We think it's hilarious and totally kick-butt, but if you don't like rude Christmas carols, pause the playlist when you come to the site.

In other news, London/Paris fundraising is going great. Yay for that. I have $230-and-something-cents, and the first payment is only $215. So I'm set on that. Anything else I make between now and the due date goes to my best friend, who's also trying to go. After the first payment is made, I start putting stuff into my own account again, because the total is close to 3K. Yeah. That would be a lot. Heh.

B tried to kill the TV. He sprayed some sort of cleaning chemical (how he got it, I'm not quite sure) all over it. It fizzled out and died, but thankfully dried out and powered back up later. M also ate half an Asprin today, which was very fun -- not -- for Mama. She was freaking out majorly. I was pretty freaked, too. I swear, these boys are going to be the death of us all. No, I'm kidding -- I love 'em. But still, they're so...boyish.

Mom is sitting here telling me what to post. Everybody tell her that she's lazy.

She says that she's "tired". Uh-huh, sure. Heard that one before. Pfft.

Okay, that's all from me for now.


(PS -- Come visit my sites, please! I need some more hits. Be awesome. Yay!)


Bina said...

Ya know, my daughter, when she was 3, sprayed Windex on our big screen TV, too. Sometimes I wonder if she is part boy! And yes, Mama's get REALLY tried, maybe not so much from actually "doing" things as from thinking about every thing they have to do!

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

I will absolutely NOT call her lazy! It's called DELEGATING. You wouldn't understand - it's a mom thing! ;) just kidding... sites visited - hits logged! take care of those fish!