Sunday, December 21, 2008

A break to say Hi

Well, the tree is finally up, I have baked Gift if the Faeries bread, banana bread and eight different kinds of cookies, the kids saw Santa at the mall, I am done with all of my Christmas shopping and my kid is not doing any more fund raising right now. So, I can take a quick break to say hi!

I swear, I will post pics of the tree of space one day soon. My husband has named it "R2-tree-2" and it is gloriously covered in Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments. We are still in search of the perfect tree topper and are using a curly cue Santa hat right now. And I need to make me a space themed tree skirt one year here..... but it is pretty cool looking. Jenna took pics... I will post them. i promise.

I have to deliver cookie platters to both restaurants tomorrow and to a friend of ours as well. Then, I will start wrapping presents. Wow. It looks like a store threw up in my closet right now. Bags and boxes full of stuff all over the place!

The Wingmen of Mayhem have been active this past few weeks. The youngest WOM is full of shit. Literally. He has taken to protesting nap time by spending an hour or so working up a full diaper and thens tripping naked and playing with the results. Every day. SOOOOOO MUCH FUN. Ha. The older one has been acting so grown up lately that I am not sure what to do. Maybe he has been stolen by aliens and brainwashed..... hmmm......

Jenna's trip to London and Paris has been postponed. There were just too many issues with trying to get all of the money together for all of the students byt he deadlines. So, we are still fundraising, but are planning the trip for 2010 instead. That gives us plenty of time to earn every penny. And not go crazy while doing it!

Speaking of fundraising... I had organized a raffle to raise money. We went and got donations of different things from local businesses and sold tickets. Well, I ended up buying $20 worth of tickets and so did my mom. I won a 6 month membership to a local fitness joint! Sooo excited! They are open 24/7 so I will be able to go in when the kids are asleep with Daddy at night. maybe I can lose the darn weight that i hate so much.... I also won a free cut and color at a local salon! So, now I have to decide what i want to do to the hair! Hubby was so heartbroken when I got my hair cut short last time that I think I will keep it longer this time. It is not too long right now but i don't want to make him cry by getting it cut too much shorter!

Maybe I will finally dye my hair blue like I have always wanted! LMAO.... black with blue tips is what I want but I may setlle for red. Who knows! You will have to check back to find out! LOL

I will post pics of the tree soon and update on how we all are again before Christmas if I get a chance.

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope your holidays are peaceful and joyous!


Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you! Glad you're doing well and almost ready for the holidays! Your baking sounds terrific and I can't wait to see your tree!

Lesley said...

You've been a busy lady!

I think black with blue tips would be hot! You MUST post BEFORE & AFTER pics!!!

That's too bad that the school trip was postponed but it'll make the fundraising easier if it's spread out.

Was that Gift of the Faeries bread you mentioned? What's that? I'm up to trying something new :o)

Pioneering in PA said...

Black with blue tips? Fun-KEY! Have fun with it. Hope the gym works out for you.