Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy Coma?

We had a great time last night but did not end up with much in the way of candy. It seems like the same neighborhood we trick or treated in last year was.... less this year. Last year almost every house was decorated and giving out candy. And the streets were filled with people. SO much fun! This year.... maybe one house in 6 was decorated or giving out candy. We had maybe 1/4 of the people on the streets this year....

Is it the economy? Or maybe just that it is homecoming weekend here at the University. Or maybe something completely different. I don't know. The boys loved it. Braeden actually said "Trick or Treat!" and "Happy Halloween!" which, if you have been following him at all, is a really big deal. Granted, probably nobody but family could have understood him, but Steven and I were both so excited and just so proud of him.

I don't have the pictures off of the camera yet because I have been busy cleaning house all day. But, maybe tomorrow. They were soooooo cute! And Jenna's zombie costume was wicked.

Hope your Halloweens were fabulous and I will be back tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

hi tracy
now i have a way to keep up with what is happening with the kids and you guys. sounds like you had a great time last night.
and it must be everywhere, i sat outside and had only 20 kids come by. and i had candy and glow sticks. which i will mail the boys some.
i love reading your blog.
aunt lou

Nana The Nana said...

Nice to see Lu chatting with you on the blog! Love and hugs.