Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy as a ....... Barracuda?

So, there go my promises of posting more often! Right down the tubes! I am lacking in energy and drive right now. Sickness wiped me across the floor like a limp wash rag and rung me out. I am like a limp noodle. etc etc etc blah blah excuses and ramblings blah blah

OK. Now, onto the meat of the post!

Braeden is "progressing satisfactorily" in speech therapy. I am still not sure how much help the therapy is to him as he only goes twice a week for a half hour.... but, he is speaking more. Could be helping. Or, he could just be ready. Who knows.

Malachai (The Baby) fell out of the van the other day. It was both upsetting and amusing. He leaned against the sliding door that was not there and tumbled right out, ass over band box, and gave himself a nice goose egg right on the forehead. But, he is fine. He then proceeded to fall off of the couch three times in the past two days. He must be growing.

Jenna got straight As her first 9 - weeks of sophomore year! Go girl! I am so proud of her. She is taking advanced English, advanced Geometry and French along with history, tech and art this semester. She rocks. In fact, she rocks so hard that she has been invited to go on the Art trip over spring break this year. The majority of kids who were invited are seniors. They only ask kids who are responsible and doing well in school. They also want kids who will appreciate the trip as it is a pretty big deal. They are going to London and Paris for a total of eight days! Wow. I'm jealous. Can I go, too? Anyone want to rent some little boys so I can go away for a week? LOL

She is presently in full blown fund raising mode as the girls need to raise as much money as possible for the trip. We can't afford much so Jenna is pulling out all of the stops. They had a rummage sale this weekend, they are selling coupon/ certificates to Belks outside of the store on Tuesday and will be starting a Krispy Kreme fundraiser later this week. And Jenna plans on writing a begging letter to all of our friends and relatives asking for donations! LOL She is so excited I think she is about to explode.

I have news about Steven's work situation that is actually fairly exciting, but I will post about that separately. I need to organize my thoughts first!

I hope everyone had a great Monday (mine was busy!) and I PROMISE to post again soon!


Anonymous said...

Hoping that you're finally on the road to recovery!

The kids sound great. Can't wait tp hear the rest of your news....

Laura ~Peach~ said...

got an address for her I dont have much but as they say every bit helps... plus she has earned it!

Jaylana said...

Email me Jenna's letter - I'll share it with my folks. I know they'll be proud! I'll also see what I can do to help, as well.