Sunday, October 12, 2008

Return of the Faerie

I've been gone for several months but am now back and ready to get to it! One of the things that has kept me out of the blogging community for so long is stress about money. With the rising costs of everything from gas to electricity to pasta to canned veggies, we have had very little spare cash. Really, none. My time has been spent trying to make extra money on ebay and struggling to make ends meet. My energy has been lacking and my drive to post has been nil.

However, I am feeling very positive lately and plan to start updating MUCH more often now!

Last night I made a really fabulous vegetable soup using veggies I had in my crisper that were close to going bad. I also made homemade wheat/ garlic rolls and pasta for the boys since they aren't too big on soup. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the soup! And so did my family! I scooped out some of the veggies and added them to the boys' rotini and they loved that too.

So, with the thought that veggie soup (or chicken or beef or....) would be very welcome this winter, I am instituting a new plan!

When I drain canned veggies, they are usually drained into the sink. What a waste of nutrients and taste! I have now placed a container if my freezer for these "leavings" and will use them to help make stock for soups. OR, to cook pasta in to get more flavor and nutrients! Has anyone done this? Any advice? I also plan to freeze all of my leftover veggies in the same manner. That way I have less waste.

I am back to menu planning and will post my weekly plan tomorrow as part of Menu Planning Monday....

See ya then!

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