Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekends Make Me Tired

Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing? Not so much here. I did succeed in getting the boys' rooms rearranged and cleaned. All of their toys are still packed in bins and boxes and locked in another room. I still have to go through them. But, I got a lot done! And, I roatsed two huge pumpkins and now have more than 28 cups of pumpkin puree in my freezer and fridge. Time to do some baking this week!

I need some suggestions for new bands or groups to listen to. I want to keep growing my musical soul but I really hate the music I have heard on the radio lately. I would love suggestions for bands or groups that I may not have heard of or listened to. You can check out the post I wrote about the soundtrack of my life to see some groups I enjoy or check out this post for one of my favorite bands of all times..... The only music I really do not care for is country, gospel and that gangster rap stuff. Otherwise, I am open to anything! LOL

Just as an aside, I think I may have lost my taste for coffee. Either that or all the coffee shops here just serve really nasty coffee....

The Wingmen of Mayhem (my sons) had a great weekend. Saturday was constant whining from the moment they woke up until I finally got them to bed around 10 PM. I think it was all of the changes going on with their rooms. And Malachai is freaked out by his bed. No, OK, he likes the bed. He just doesn't want to sleep in it. I keep finding him sleeping on the floor next to his brother's bed. Sweet, huh? But, I know they will get used to it and it will be better in the long run for all of us.

Just so y'all know, I am planning to do some reviews and giveaways here periodically. This will still be mostly my blog about the daily life of me and family, but I do love me a good giveaway.... so we will see what kind of cool products I might be able to come up with for an occasional contest here! LOL

So, kind of random and floaty today, but I still feel like I got stomped on this weekend. I may just need a nap today.

Tomorrow, I plan to discuss Thanksgiving. Food, plans, traditions and deals. Catch ya on the flip side....


Joyful said...

Thank you for visiting from MBC.
I am sorry I can't help you with names of bands.
I'm listening to Christmas music from my toolbar radio.

ZenMom said...

I don't think I've had a relaxing weekend in years. No one tells you about this one before you have kids.

The pumpkin stuff sound great. You're reminding me I need to do some baking too.

Thanks for following my blog.

lovemylevi said...

All that's in my CD player is music for the little guy lol! Following from MBC, hope to see you at www.luvsjurn3.blogspot.com soon!

Trifioso said...

Hello new reader to your blog, but plan on becoming a loyal follower. I highly recommend the Waifs, an Australian band that I absolutely adore. Try them, you will like them!

Dumb Dawn said...

Lefse is pronounced Lef-sa

It's a Norwegian flat bread that is made out of Potato, flour, cream and butter.

Once it's fried, most people spread butter on it, then sprinkle sugar on it and roll it up and eat away.
It's very popular during the holidays.

Weekends make me tired too.
I always LOVE Monday's. It takes a whole week just to get over the weekend. LOL

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Thank you for that. It reminded me of making Pumpkin Bars :-)

Gosh I love pumpkin bars!

Theody said...

So true about weekends.